My Tech Ed Experience … September 23rd, 2003

Vinod Kumar

My Tech Ed. experience was very rich. And the data tier track I attended was fun filled.

SQL Server ‘Yukon’ – .Net Programming features

Speaker – Rajiv Sodhi, Developer Advisor – Microsoft India

  • Yukon is developing as a scalable, secure, enterprise data management platform. Key features are Enterprise Data Management, Programmability and Business Intelligence.
  • The session concentrated on Programmability aspect of Yukon server.
  • Notable features in Yukon are
    • .Net Integration
    • XML Support
    • API Languages
    • Developer Tools
    • Relational Extensions.
  • With Integration of .Net in Yukon, we can program .Net Assemblies for SQL server and register them. We will have System.Data.SqlServer as a new namespace for integration.
  • With XML integration we can have new data type as XML and we can attach schema for the same.
  • XQuery can be used for retrieving specific XML elements.
  • The best feature would be SQL server exposing a web service that can be used on any platform.
  • I am also in the process of consolidating information from all the sites and release an consolidated features list … :) …
  • Useful Links :,289202,sid1_gci911794,00.html


    Extending SQL server functionality with User-Defined Functions: Hidden Tricks

    Speaker – Srimathi, Sr. Software Architect, Vishwak Systems

    • The possibility of redefining system Stored Procedures as UDF has lots of exciting possibilities.
    • This practical session concentrated on some tips and tricks on combining UDFs and Indexed Views or indexed columns to combine extra flexibility and performance at the same time.
    • Many undocumented UDFs were demonstrated that could be used for optimizing the database queries
    • Useful Links:

      Designing for Performance

      Speaker – Praveen Srivatsa, Director, In4Velocity, MSDN Regional Director

      • This was an interesting session was based on Planning, Optimizing for performance and Preserving Performance on SQL Server.
      • It highlighted the changes expected in Yukon.
      • Effective logging, Table width optimization for optimal storage, vertical and horizontal partitioning (covering) and fragmentation were explained in detail.
      • Some of the key notes I got from this session is the use of multiple columns can reduce selectivity. Some example in Matrix context is using extra joins like, If a table has a join on CMN_ApplicationsInstancesID and if there is a possibility of joining on CMN_Students also then use the same also. Because there are chances that SQL Server can find a better selectivity.
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