To many spams … :( … September 25th, 2003

Vinod Kumar

The last month saw every Systems Administrator scramble to update their servers with security patches. I’m not blaming anyone except the virus writer for the problem.  But I’d like to ask you to update your virus definitions and do a virus scan and be sure it’s not on your system. With the MDAC buffer overrun and the Blaster Virus hitting worldwide it is an important task to do. Back when Slammer released, we had quite the series of discussions on why patches hadn’t been applied, the implications of blindly installing patches on production servers and what that meant for rapid response to security issues like Slammer. Basically, it meant that responding quickly to a new patch or update is incredibly difficult and can cause huge problems…

And now I start getting tons of spam also. With the emphasis on security we move to spams … I am somewhat not given one good reason for all the spams that are hitting most of our email IDs. Even though automated I feel that people have to get more constructive in getting their technology skills for useful purposes … Just a thought.



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