Optimization SQL Server … October 17th, 2003

Vinod Kumar

Even though I’ve seen numerous documentation that say SQL Server is self optimized, I agree to these words to some extend only. There are tons of optimization that a DBA has to take to make maximum use of their harware setup … The various optimization techniques available are like:

1. Data Optimization : Includes table design, View design etc.

2. Storage Optimization : Including HDD, RAID, File groups etc.

3. Code Optimization : Often developer are keen on the functional approach and not the optimized approach.

4. Server Optimization : Includes various server configurations and settings.

Each of these topics can wrap up our understanding and writing optimized code in SQL Server 2000 … Feel free to ping me and give your inputs on the same anytime … :)

You can catch some of the better coding practices available in my article : http://www.extremeexperts.com/sql/articles/BestPractices.aspx



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