IIS 6.0 Features … October 22nd, 2003

Vinod Kumar

Windows 2003 come with a amazing set of tools … One of which is IIS 6.0. I was just exploring some of the cool features of IIS 6.0 and here is the list … Maynot be exhaustive in its own way … But can be surely helpful for beginners …

  • Architecture changes – Admin and the Application isolation
  • Worker Process Isolation Vs IIS 5.0 Isolation
  • W3Config Manager and W3 Process Mgr are the administrative processes that sit outside the application pool.
  • HTTP.SYS does the request routing and the caching mechanism. This is in the Kernel mode.
  • We can create multiple Application pool. This can be for reliability / site / functionality.
  • Recycling Possible as in COM+ 1.5
  • Can restart periodically or specified interval of time or when the memory reaches certain value.
  • Self healing architecture
  • Pinging at a specified interval of time and then recycle based on this.
  • Crash detection and recovery
  • We can shutdown application if the W3WP process crashes X times in Y time interval.
  • 503 error is shown under such conditional shutdown
  • Store sessions outside the process. This will reduce cache objects loss during recycling.
  • IIS 5.0 runs under Local System account.
  • IIS 6.0 comes with default lock down feature.
  • We need to run the IIS lockdown tool before upgrade.
  • All extensions are blocked. Enable only known extensions.
  • Can use the MIMEMAP to do all the mappings.
  • IIS_WPG is a new group introduced and to run IIS in a particular account, this has to be a part of this windows group.
  • Sub-Authentication is not installed by default.
  • URL restriction upto 16KB
  • Command line utilities are accessible to administrators ONLY.
  • Caching managed by HTTP.SYS hence its faster as it is in the Kernal mode.
  • Use the OUTPUTCACHE in ASP.NET to use this feature.
  • WebGarden scenario:
    • Application Pool with more than one W3WP.exe’s
    • It’s a connection based routing.
    • Mask based affinity
    • Recycling is all at once.
  • Idle timeout – can set the time before freeing the resource. Application still runs though
  • Easy metabase config (in an XML file)
    • Auto-Versioning and backup happens
    • Can be edited when IIS is running
  • ADSI and WMI give new interfaces.
  • Easily scriptable and portable.
  • We can easily export and import configurations in IIS 6.0
  • IIS 6.0 Resource kit has great tools like:
    • Custom Authentication
    • Log parser
    • Metabase Explorer
    • Self SSL
    • IIS State Analyzer and many more

IIS 6.0 resource Kit Downloads Page:

Happy IIS 6.0 exploring … :) …

Found a link to this write-up at http://bink.nu/BinkPortal/DesktopModules/ArticleDetail.aspx?ArticleID=348 … I think people have liked it …


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2 Responses to “IIS 6.0 Features …”

  1. Vinod Kumar says:

    When I say "Self Healing", when the CPU /Memory consumption goes beyond a certain limits (configurable) the server restarts/recylces the process. This architecture is expressed to be self healing in nature. :) …

  2. The Malaka says:

    What’s this thing about ‘self healing’ architecture? Sounds quite interesting… is it the type of thing where a new power supply arrives in the mail only for you to realize that it ordered one for itself because one of the redundant power supplies died? Hehe

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