Session at BDotNet … December 14th, 2003

Vinod Kumar

This is something I wanted to write for a loooong time now. Yesterday we had a session on SQL Server by Srini and Gaurav to show the capabilities of calling a .NET component from SQL Server 2K … Srini showed how we can create a CCW as a wrapper to the .NET component and then call the same. Whilst Gaurav showed how it can be done using an extended Stored procedure. Believe me, xp_’s were always a domain of C++ developers and after seeing the code I feel I shouldn’t venture into the same … :) … I am better off in exploring the same with Whidbey and Yukon rather than write a whole host of loc … Whew what a code block …

I had tried to get this sometime back. The conceptwise this is very very simple … And I was also exploring whidbey and yukon integration … Ohhh boy … its really cooool stuff. A right click deploy and the assembly is created on the db … Can’t ask for better developer friendly¬†deployment example¬†from MS … It just rocks … I love it …

Having so much about the UG we all are a part of … Just take a look at BDotNet UG (Our Bangalore User Group) … Its a 2100 members UG and a livewire on the online fronts. We recieve approx. 250 mails per day … That should sound great stat for many … But having said that I request all reading this post to join us and support us in this venture … I bet we will make it exciting for each and everyone joining us for sure …

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