Returning back … :) … February 24th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

After a loong silence at my blog for the month of Feb. I am back … J. The hectic work schedules have kept me out of the blogging arena for quite some time. But having said that I did have other interesting activities going on …

My web site on had a switch in the provider. And this change in the provider had some configuration problems and owing to which my site was down for a couple of days. I had a chain mail sent to my provider to get the whole problem solved. Glad surely that it is online atleast now.


The next news being the chat session which me and Srini had on the MSDN India. We took a chat session on “SQL Server Performance and internals”. Surely a topic close to both of us. I enjoyed the crowd and the questions posted on the same. I know that the transcript for the same will surely be a big one. I enjoyed this session. Catch the transcript from : Yet to be listed but should be out anytime … :)


Now the biggie … We finally had the BDotNet User Groups 1st anniversary celebrations this Feb 21st. Let me first walk you through some of the interesting stats. We are just one year old and yet have 2600+ registrations upto date. We get approximately 40-50 threads on the online forums and almost instantaneous answers to the same. We have been on the top 10 sites with the hit ratio. The celebrations were held at the Microsoft PSS center at < ?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Bangalore. With approx. 375 registrations we landed with around 200+ members attending the event. The reviews from the same have been great. We had cool fun filled skits by the BDotNet community members. The event was sponsored by our company SCT along with Itreya. I was involved in the Student chapter inaugural for the Bangalore Chapter. Did some quizzing along with fellow MVP Kumar Gaurav. And the best of them all was the technical session I delivered with the Microsoft RD – Praveen Srivatsa. The session was on “Next Generation databases a preview”. We did talk briefly on the SQL Server Yukon architecture. The first half was handled by Praveen and I chipped in the later with SQL Server Reporting Services. The session was made as interactive as possible. And I had a great response from people at the session. I showed a couple of demos from SQL Server RS product. Showed some PDF writing, drilldown reports, TIFF formats. The crowd were really excited to see the same. I also feel that MS has surely given a quality reporting tool … The first of its kind, but the best nevertheless. We had some nice goodies to share with SCT Sponsoring the caps.


Will try to get online as I used to do before soon…



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