NAnt Tool February 26th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

.NET framework gives us the command line utility to build the .NET project, but its very tough to use when having multiple files dependency. The NAnt( is a open source tool to build .NET project based on the XML setting. This can be useful if we want to build.NET project without having the VS.NET installed (but .NET Framework is required).

The NAnt can perform varies other tasks based on the XML settings, few important tasks are given below:

  1. Copy file          : Copies a file or set of files to a new file or directory. This is useful if we want to take backup before build.
  2. Delete File       : Deletes a file, fileset or directory. This can be use to delete old built files.
  3. Send Mail        : Sends an SMTP message.
  4. Zip                   : Creates a zip file from a specified fileset.
  5. UnZip               : Extracts files from a zip file.

Link details from Bharat Kumar Agarwal (SCT).


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