Retrieve Hotmail e-mails using ASP.NET or C# May 18th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

I came across an interesting article that talks about accessing/retrieving exchange server e-mails through .NET. Here you can find the information on Connecting HTTPMail Hotmail Gateway, Parsing MailBox folder list, enumerating folder MailItems and much more…Available with a downloadable sample C# source code.

From my fav. site CodeProject … Hotmail using C# – A HTTPMail client under .NET


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3 Responses to “Retrieve Hotmail e-mails using ASP.NET or C#”

  1. Sunia Si'ulua says:

    Please retrieve all my mail for september 05

  2. Vinod kumar says:

    I very much understand these differences. Thanks for the correction if the statement looked confusing …;)


  3. Patrick says:

    You’re confusing MSN Hotmail and Microsoft Exchange Server. Hotmail is a free web based e-mail service while Exchange Server is a proprietary e-mail server that Microsoft sells for several thousand dollars.

    The article you’re referring to is an interface to Hotmail, not Exchange.

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