One year completed!!! October 1st, 2004

Vinod Kumar

As I sit at my office desk to release the next version of the product that I work with, I just came to my blog to pin down some of the facts this Oct means to me. I know this is very important for me !!!

Same time last year I became a MVP. It is a memorable moment for me surely. But having said that, I have learnt a lot from this program. To sum up my feelings of this program. Its a great program from what I see. I have enjoyed every bit of it and will continue to hit the roads with full energy as this marks the second year in continuation. Its not a dream but a reality if you did aspire to become an MVP. Taking sessions, blogging, webchats, webcasts, technical writing, maintaining site … Every bit of it had a share for the success story.

Second thing that I see is significant starting this Oct is that this marks one year of my Blogging too:). I used to think what do people blog, how they blog, where is the info flowing etc etc. But after starting to blog is when I realized this is a world by itself. People recogonize you from your blog. Fabulous. Hope I try to keep this blog rolling and active as much as possible. And I do feel you must be enjoying as you read mine …

Officially to speak, my site was launched Sep ’03. So this does mark one year and a month of this rollout. I am also excited to share this news. I am excited in a way to have this site rolling. Have go great response from all. Monthly newsletter, articles, articles and more articles :). More than 4.7lakh page views do say a lot. Thanks all. Do visit if you have not.

So thats about it for my side. Do drop in your comments if any.



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