My last 10 days October 25th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

Hmmm. Excuses after excuses. But believe me this is true. I am yet to get out of the shock :) … Well, I was not able to keep this for long with me. Wanted to write about this and got the time just now …

It was wrap-up time for me at SCT and preparing for the new venture. I joined Intel Corporation last week. Its like a dream to get into such a big org. I am into a series of training programs which are conducted internally. Will get soon into active blogging once I get going with my normal work surely.

Loads of updates waiting …


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4 Responses to “My last 10 days”

  1. Vinod says:

    Thanks Bull. Nice to hear from you. I just sent you a mail with my updated ID:).

  2. SaravanaKumar(bull), says:

    Congrats Vinod, Send me ur new mail ID.

  3. Vinod Kumar says:

    Thanks Umesh:)

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