More on Tsunami that hit India and many more January 1st, 2005

Vinod Kumar

New Year celebrations were not the same here in India. Last Sunday the flood waters of Tsunami hit the coastal areas and killing large masses and destroying many peoples home. Its really a sad story. And I thought it is important for me to compile some info on the same and get as much contributions for the poeple in distress.

News Reports:

You can send your contributions to:

And many more. Your contributions can be

Towels, napkins, blankets, cotton sarees, children’s garments (all new and inexpensive)
Milk packets/milk powder, biscuits, chocolates/candies (with long shelf life) drinking water sachets
Aluminum or plastic utensils (plates, glasses etc.)
General medicines
Tents (Temporary shelter)
Non-perishable edibles such as, rice, dhal etc.

Even the electronic blogs world is behind giving you more information. Here are couple of blogs you can ping:

Most Recent Tsunami’s listed at : WcatWc

I think I might keep on writing from the various sources available. But I would like to request you to help in any form possible …



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