VPC Crashes and closes … February 5th, 2005

Vinod Kumar

This is a very strange experience that I thought might be worth sharing here on my blog. I run VPC 2004 with SP1 on my T42 laptop. I have Whidbey-Yukon combination VPC image. Two days back it just crashed when I took my laptop for a meeting. On reload, I saw that VPC said some files are corrupt and needs to be repaired. On repair all the Yukon related files got deleted. That was a pain and a big shock. But again in the evening when I was in the middle of Yukon installation and I attached my laptop to the docking station and VPC again closed. Grrrrrrrrr. I dont know if this is really a problem with VPC. First time when I removed I got an error and second time when I attached i got an error … Having said that, my recommendation would be DONOT attach/remove your laptop from a docking station with VPC running (do a save state of your VPC) … I think this might be a fair request … Event viewer says:

Application Failure  virtual pc.exe in virtualpc.exe at offset 0005a5b6..

I had to reinstall Yukon again on that box yesterday evening … It installs without any problem. The only thing is it takes time :( … Not sure if this is a known stuff …

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