TechEd India complete!!! July 2nd, 2005

Vinod Kumar

Kwel, I feel all excited to blog that I finished all the TechEd travel and got all the sessions rolled out from my side. I hope I did touch a lot of people over my session. Offlate have been getting very interesting comments on the blogs and should say those are really good response. I am happy that I have been able to give you different perspective while talking on the various topics. I dont want to talk about the sessions city wise. That will be a long story. Let me collate my thoughts as I wait for a delayed flight in the late hours of July 1. …. Yep, this blog comes directly from the Delhi airport ;) …

Session 1 – Day 2 on the database track starts with my session on SSIS – Scalability, performance and Deployment. This is an interesting topic and I did talk a lot over the OVAL concepts, some of the memory and buffer allocation for SSIS, Manageability and Deployment aspects from a developers and administrators point of view. I love some of the features that go behind the concepts over management of SSIS packages. Its amazing how one can now log, raise events, do configuration changes and many more easily when compared to DTS world. Wait for some articles soon on these topics.

Session 3 – Day 2 on the datbase track had me start the deepdive session. This is something different from the normal. I used chalk and board and NO Presentation. Do you belive no presentation at a TechEd talk :). That was fun for me as I know how my writing skills are on board. I just hope people attending this session titled “SQL Tools” did bring a good number of advantages using the new tools. But need to admit that most of the developers stayed at the ADO.NET session that Srini was talking at the same time. Tough call for people sometimes. Nevertheless it is worth to mention that I did get a chance to talk on what are some of the new tools to concentrate in SQL Server 2005 (SSMS to start). Next I moved focus on the next kwel tool Profiler, then I move to sql command line tools and when time permits I did talk on DTA (Database Tuning Advisor). Here as I was over the board and chalk I did talk on the architecture, why a tools was developed like that and so on. I also tried to give practical case study to using certain features in SQL Server 2005.

Session 5 – Day 2 was a session on SQL Server 2005 – Table Partitioning. This was a jam-packed session in all the cities and to say the most cherished session I had to deliver. I walked through the basics of Partitioning, what are the advantages, compare it with application-partitioning, compared with partitioned views and how it is different and so on. I also took this session talking over the new DDL commands, operations available over partitioning (Split, merge, switch). I thought it would be very important to talk on some of the practical scenarios that partitioning will touch. So more often than not there were a lot of Q&A that were asked. I will try to compile this and post them on my site. I think I will be able to do that soon I suppose.

The crowd in general have been really good over all the cities. Today the Delhi crowd had me on goose bumps by giving me a loud round of applause as I finished the last session on partitioning. A nice gesture indeep people. Hats off you and I am happy you liked it. I just hope others who could make it to my session did get something to carry home and gain some interesting knowledge. Thanks all again for making it to my session.

PS: Feel free to drop a line over the blog if you feel something could have been done better. I would surely try to get your point across to the MS people and make the next TechEd more exciting.

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  1. Vinod kumar says:

    The official verdict that I got from Microsoft is, They will be posted to the and CD will be sent to the participants.

  2. Hi vinod, Thnks for sharing your teched experience..

    I want to download the teched presentations and video’s for Bangalore session…so would please share that URL for downloading the same..??


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