TechEd in Paradise October 15th, 2005

Vinod Kumar

Whew !!! What a location to have TechEd !!! I just got back from the TechEd Sri Lanka tour and am really excited to say it was amazing. Even though I had a tough lineup of back to back sessions with about 5 Sessions in the database track, I really loved each and every topic myself. Having said that I was running cold and fever for most part of the stay. But, SODA, XML & CLR Best Practices, SQL Server 2005 Tools, SSIS, Security in SQL Server 2005 were the topics I had to take. (Personally) except SODA which I did as per the plan of using the PPT way of talk, I resorted to the free flow mode for rest of the topics. Because I could sense that most of the attendees were not fluent / exposed to SQL Server 2005 very much. So I used this as opportunity to talk about the basics, architecture and the details of the topics in discussion.

Overall, I presume the ratings were also good :) !!! More importantly I was satisfied talking to people in general after every session. Nevertheless the TechEd Party on Thursday evening was a blast with many gifts for the participants including XBox series, bags and even a trip to Bangkok. The organizers were really professional in their approach and my hats off to their efforts.

Hoping to meet the people in future TechEd’s too.

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One Response to “TechEd in Paradise”

  1. Sumudu says:

    Hi Vinod,

    It’s me "Sumudu" the guy who asked SQL Administration related (Replication) question at the entertainment night held in Sri Lanka. We tried to speak to Vineeth Sharma but couldn’t. So as you requested I am sending the question to you.

    Did you guys enjoyed the Sri Lanka trip ? I feel sorry that you were having cold and fever. Hope now you are ok. Let me know the next time when you come I’ll arrange some ADVENTURE TRIPS for you if you like.

    OK here is the question,

    6 number of Servers with NT 4 and 24 hours connected through Frame relay pipes.

    Running SQL 7 with SP 4

    Configured for replication.

    Type : Merge

    Push from 5 Servers to 1 Server

    Schedule : 1 per Day at night

    Conflict revolver : Default

    Problem : 1) Some records (2-3 records per week) get deleted for unknown reason. Those messages can be seen in the Agent History. Please let me know the reason.

    2) Also is there a way to see the details or a log of the records that were replicated at night.

    Pls help me

    Thanks /Regards,


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