No more an MVP :) !!! October 10th, 2006

Vinod Kumar

I know the subject is surely good enough to catch attention. But it is infact true too. The reason for a long pause or silence on the blog is also attributed to these things that went behind the scenes.

Well, long story short – I joined Microsoft as a Evangelist specializing in SQL a week back. Will be still based out of Bangalore. I am really super excited of this role and am sure there is more of SQL stuffs that are gonna get into this blog moving forward. I must thank eachone who has been intrumental in making my 3+ years with the community fun. Wanted to assure you that the association with the community is gonna get more fun now :) …

Thanks again – Journey has just begun …


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5 Responses to “No more an MVP :) !!!”

  1. Vidyananthan says:

    Great, Congrates !!

  2. Kamlesh says:

    Congrats Vinod, Keep the good work up!

  3. Hi Vinod,
    I’m to happy to know that you joined with MS as SQL Evangelist. Let me congratulate for this great oppurtunity. Forget MVP, Working with MS is great opp to any one..keep your good work.
    Looking for your interview keep blogging and sharing ! cheers…..

  4. YESChandana says:

    My supreme congratulations and I wish you all the success in your profession…!

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