TechMela 2007 – TechEd Redefined May 17th, 2007

Vinod Kumar

Yes. This time it is just not TechEd for us in India. It is really big and we are doing TechEd + MEDC + ITPC + Desginer + Enthusiasts Event. This has just got bigger. Let me outline some of the interesting stats we to why we are saying it is big in India.

  • More than ~100+ Breakout sessions
  • 21 different tracks in 3 days
  • ~30+ Chalk talks sessions
  • ~50+ HOLs during the event
  • Wonderful set of Subject-Matter-Experts with folks from the Product Team also arriving just for this event

Compared to what we had last year with just 40 sessions with 8 breakout sessions, we have made a giant leap. You can run or you can hide, but if you miss this mega event you surely are missing out something big.

Now this doesnt include the 1 day we dedicated to the Business folks. That is a different ballgame by itself.

What am I Doing:

I am content owner for two tracks namely the “DB and BI Track” and the “Office System” Track. I am super excited and I am doing just one session totally on these two tracks. Details to be outlined later. I am also doing two sessions on other tracks though. But I plan to do quite a few Chalk Talks during the event. And I am all game and ear to comments from you. What would you like to listen as informal chalk talks. I will be more than happy to squeeze the same.

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