Excel 2007 – Office System May 23rd, 2007

Vinod Kumar

Here we go again !!! 20 more days to go … In TechMela I am the owner for the Office System track and I thought it is high time I wrote something on Office here. There are tons and tons of cool stuff I can write from sharepoint to various pillars of Office system suite. I thought I will write on Excel first because I love this data visualizing tool.

So, whatz new in Excel 2007 that hits you first? I am sure many will talk about the UI. I will keep the discussion around Ribbon and the focussed result oriented interface for another day because there is some good work behind the scene happening as I write this post from the product team from an dev angle. Excel as such is a wonderful tool+Application one can use in the daily life. We have done some wonderful enhancements for the graphics and formatting part of the worls. I will highlight some of the capacity side of things like:

  • The total number of available columns in Excel is now 16,384 (was 256).
  • The total number of available rows in Excel is now 1,048,576 (was 65,536).
  • The number of unique colors allowed in a single workbook is now 4.3 billion (was 56).
  • The number of levels of sorting you can perform on a range or table is now 64 (was 3).
  • The number of items allowed in the Filter drop-down list is now 10,000 (was 1,000).
  • The total number of unique cell formats in a workbook is now 64,000 (was 4,000)
  • The maximum number of characters allowed in formulas is now 8,000 (was 1,000).
  • The number of levels of nesting that Excel allows in formulas is now 64 (was 7).
  • The maximum number of items returned by the Find command is now 2 billion (was 64,000).
  • The number of rows allowed in a PivotTable is now 1 million (was 64,000).
  • The number of columns allowed in a PivotTable is now 16,000 (was 255).
  • The maximum number of unique items within a single PivotTable field is now 1 million (was 32,000).
  • The number of fields that a single PivotTable can have is now 16,000 (was 255).

    … and many more.

This is from a desktop client side. There is another spin to the whole tool when you start working with Sharepoint. We have introduced a new concept called as Excel Services. One that allows you to do excel calculation from server side and render in the client as a web-based workbooks. Very very powerful aspect. Dont forget to catch me at TechMeal to know more on this new feature. So you can see we do have some dependency with Sharepoint. So here is a quick pointers which tell you which features of Excel are gonna be dependent with Sharepoint:

  • Publish spreadsheets to Excel Services
  • Web-based spreadsheet access
  • Web-services interface to the spreadsheets
  • Ability to create custom Information Property Panels with business logic using InfoPath (helped by forms server)
  • Ability to see a document requires workflow actions (approve, sign, etc.)
  • Ability to see a document is locked and requires check-out to be modified
  • Ability to see relevant corporate policies right in Office

Not to forget the client side add-in we have for datamining and analysis. It blows away peoples imagination whereever I have showcased them. And the list keeps on increasing.

BTW, dont forget to attend the session on “Tips and Tricks with Office System” which I will cover with a complete 1 hrs demo + fun filled stuff … Meet you at the event :) …

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