IIS 7 in Web Track May 25th, 2007

Vinod Kumar

The countdown has begun and the heat is on. In this post I thought of writing about a topic that I would be talking at TechMela. This would be on IIS 7.0. There is tons and tons of new features that we can highlight when it comes to working with IIS.

Internet Information Services 6.0 (IIS 6.0) was developed around four main areas, or pillars. Those are security, realiability, scalable and system management. I must admit we did some remarkable work in that release with HTTP.SYS, Compression, fault-tolerance etc. But we had to go even beyond this experience and IIS 7.0 features surely are giving me enough confidence that we are on track.

To start with, IIS 7.0 is completely modular. Close to 40 different modules and redundant modules are consolidated giving a completely managed pipleline to work with. Now once you become modular you can exactly pick-and-choose what you want even inside of IIS. This goes to the first pillar of security – reduce the surface of the server for attack.

IIS7 integrates the ASP.NET runtime with the core web server, providing a unified request processing pipeline that is exposed to both native and managed modules. Integrating the two pipelines allows services provided by both native and managed modules to apply to all requests, regardless of handler. Some of the other things that were interesting for me are:

  • URLScan is integrated into IIS 7.0. URLScan is widely used to filter requests by URL.
  • New public APIs that can be used to extend the server. Modules can be written using managed or native APIs.
  • New configuration system
  • To extend the schema, a XML file must be created and placed in the appropriate folder. All we need is a XCOPY for deployment :)
  • new configuration system is integrated: configuration of IIS and ASP.NET is now in one place
  • Cool File-based Management as you can create, backup, modify, and deploy the entire server configuration via a single XML-based file.
  • IIS Manager is also available from the command line in the appcmd.exe tool
  • There is yet another world that is wonderful is the FTP enhancements with IIS 7.0. I will not be talking on this during TechMela, thought I pen down some interesting work nevertheless:

    • SSL FTP – also known as FTPS.  You can choose if you want to encrypt just the control/authentication channel or both it and the data channel.
    • Non-Windows Authentication – You can create your own users in IIS which is completely separate from any windows authentication.  Cool ain’t it?
    • Virtual Host Names – You can have two separate “virtual” FTP sites on the same IP and port.  You will get redirected to a particular site based on the username and virtual host name you login with.
    • Disk Quotas – You can combine the power of longhorn’s disk quotas with FTP.

    Another new thing that you will come across is Windows Activation Service (WAS). WAS is a Windows Vista / Longhorn Server system service that provides process activation and health management services for all types of message-activated applications. WAS provides applications with intelligent resource management, on-demand activation, health-monitoring, and automatic failure detection and recycling. Cool stuff !!!

    Before I sign this thread off, I would want to mention briefly on the Diagnostic enhancements. IIS 7.0 includes a new Runtime State and Control API, which provides real-time state information about application pools, worker processes, sites, application domains, and even running requests. This COM API is being exposed via WMI, the new command-line utility, and the new administration tool for quick and easy status regardless of the management environment. IIS 7.0 also includes detailed trace events throughout the request and response path, allowing developers to trace a request as it makes it way to IIS, through the IIS request processing pipeline, into any existing page level code, and back out to the response.

    Oh boy, let me stop here and not give away the stuffs I plan during my session. There is enough interesting demos we will have around IIS 7.0. So dont forget to attend my session on “IIS 7.0” :). Cya at TechMela.

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