.NET Framework – Parallel Computing !!! December 5th, 2007

Vinod Kumar

Parallel Extensions is a managed library that provides several new ways to express parallelism:

  • Declarative data parallelism – Parallel Language Integrated Query (or PLINQ) is an implementation of LINQ-to-Objects that executes queries in parallel, scaling to utilize the available cores and processors of the machine. Queries are declarative, so you express what you want to accomplish, rather than how you want to accomplish it.
  • Imperative data parallelism – Parallel Extensions also contains mechanisms to express common imperative data-oriented operations such as parallel.for and parallel.foreach loops, automatically dividing the work in the loop to run on parallel hardware.
  • Imperative task parallelism – Rather than using data to drive parallelism, you can expose parallelism via expressions and statements that take the form of lightweight tasks. 
  • Light-weight task runtime – There is also a task runtime that effectively maps and load balances the expressed concurrency to the available concurrency resources on the execution platform while also providing capabilities such as cancellation and waiting.

Download the CTP here

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