SQL Counters: Series 1 (Aggregated) January 17th, 2008

Vinod Kumar

SQL Counter: Part 1 (Processor Time)
SQL Counter: Part 2 (Processor Queue Length)
SQL Counter: Part 3 (Pages/sec)
SQL Counter: Part 4 (Available MB)
SQL Counter: Part 5 (Disk Queue Length)
SQL Counter: Part 6 (Idle Time)
SQL Counter: Part 7 (Disk Write/sec)
SQL Counter: Part 8 (Disk Read/sec)
SQL Counter: Part 9 (Bytes Total)
SQL Counter: Part 10 (Full Scans/sec)
SQL Counter: Part 11 (Transactions/sec)
SQL Counter: Part 12 (Buffer Cache hit ratio)
SQL Counter: Part 13 (Avg Wait Time)
SQL Counter: Part 14 (Avg Latch Wait Time)

Now this has been the first series … Be locked, I will give you the next series soon :) … All the more reasons to return here !!! Hope you folks are enjoying this. Comments most welcome !!!

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3 Responses to “SQL Counters: Series 1 (Aggregated)”

  1. Brian says:

    Great counters! – we have another similar article here


  2. calin says:

    All of the links are displaying “Server Error in ‘/’ Application.”. In other words, not working.
    best regards,

    • Vinod Kumar says:

      Thanks Calin – After my site migration from the old domain, some of the posts still have reference to the old site. Thanks for the note and really appreciate your time. I have gone ahead and changed the same.

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