Virtual TechDays – April 9 & 10th April 4th, 2008

Vinod Kumar

With Windows and Visual Studio writing their track I wanted to talk about our very own wonderful 3 tracks of SQL Server session each having 4 sessions each. The first track is “BI and Admin” track. As much as these both require their very own tracks we already were running high on the number of sessions hence had to combine them together. We have Analysis Services (SSAS) enhancements done by the product team directly streamed for you from Redmond. Dont miss it!!! And with the success that I see from the field on the Integration Services (SSIS) and Reporting Services (SSRS) we wanted to have one session on these too. A lot has been added as part of RS wherein a lot of the charts, heat-map and some great visualizations are added. Lots of fun not to be missed. Next on this track we get slightly deep on two important features that will be like a dream come true for any Administrators – Resource Governor and Partitioning Enhancements. I will be doing the Resource Governor session and this is surely close to my heart with the level of capabilities it opens in managing the resources (CPU and memory).

The Day 1 has another track which has 4 more sessions on SQL Server !!! Did you say two sessions on SQL running in parallel ? – Yup, you are right. We are giving you some great sessions here too. Well, this is the RDBMS track. We start with compression – people have their own doubts on this feature and this complete 60 mins session both from a data and backup compression will clear all your doubts. Then I am back with the “Upgrade Considerations” for SQL Server 2008. I know most of you will be migrating or upgrading with an in-place upgrade and this session will surely help you. Then we move to T-SQL Enhancements in SQL Server 2008 and finally we close this track with a new feature CDC which is the logging framework with-in SQL Server 2008 given to you as an out-of-the-box feature.

Then we move to Day 2, where we have one special track for SQL Server and we have made this as a Security and High-Availability track. We have some great speakers on this track too. We start the day with Encryption enhancements in SQL Server 2008. There are aspects like Transparent Data Encryption, External Key Management and others which will be discussed here. We then turn into the Auditing aspect which we introduced newly as a feature with SQL 2008. Post the lunch we have sessions around High-Availability and Policy-based management framework discussed in length. You will see that this track is critical for all our enterprise administrators who will find everything on this track very exciting stuff coming their way.

I have just given you an heads-up on what to expect from our SQL tracks. But wait for specific blogs over the next few days as we get ready for the event scheduled on 9th and 10th April.

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