Suggest: Want a SQL Server Session? April 28th, 2008

Vinod Kumar

As an Evangelist I get an opportunity to do a variety of sessions for the India sub and I am sure I would have met quite a few of you who read my post via the events channel. As much as I try to keep the sessions content loaded, I would like to take this opportunity to also solicit your views on what will be your top 5 session requests. In otherwords, what would be the sessions that will help YOU in your day-today activities(SQL2005) and help YOU prep-up on future products(SQL2008).

What I want from you –

  • Categorize as SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008 topics
  • Your session requests can be on various tracks like: SQL Administration, SQL Standards, SQL Developer, SQL Data Modelling, SQL Scripting, SQL Performance, SQL Tuning, SQL BI, Data Warehousing, VLDB, High Availability, Security, Data Loading, Best practices etc

Now you can see I have tons of ideas and variety of sessions that I want to take on various tracks. But if YOU had to priortize and suggest which would be those 5 topics on SQL 2005 and Top 5 on SQL 2008 – Which ones would they be?

You can drop a comment on this post or you can drop me a line on ITPro[at] and I will consolidate it as part of this post.

Lastly, you have my commitment and I will surely *try* to address them during the course of this year.

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12 Responses to “Suggest: Want a SQL Server Session?”

  1. Ashok says:

    Here is the rough list prepared quickly :o)

    Database without SQL
    Features and Enhancement in both SQL Server 2K5 and 2K8
    – Major features & Editions
    – Introducing SQL Server Management Studio
    Overview of Performance Tuning and Glance to SQL Server Admin Activities
    Secuirty Features
    – SQL Injections and how to prevent
    – Data Encryption
    – Groups Roles, Rights and Permissions

    Backup and Restore
    Important Operators
    Important Functions
    Usage Multiple clauses
    Complex Queries
    Joins (types of and costs)
    Unions and it’s costs. How to replace them with joins (kind of refactoring for performance)
    Indexes: How it works internally and the Right candidates of the table.
    Views & When to use them
    Sub Queries and it’s Costs
    Dynamic Queries and Procedures and Injection Patterns

    – Study of Programming Constructs
    – T-SQL Enhancements in 2K5 and 2K8
    – Stored Procedures
    – Scalar & Functions Table Valued Functions
    – Error Handling and Structured Error Handling using TRY-CATCH
    – Execution Contexts
    – Indepth Details on DDL and DML triggers

    XML Programming Features
    CLR Integration of .NET in SQL 2K5 and 2K8 and it’s power. You can call a webservice even oooopch
    Notification Services
    Job Scheduling
    Uisng Service Broker
    Undertand and using SSIS – SSAS – SSRS
    Using SQL Profiler
    Query Tuning
    Debugging and Traciing of the SQL Server Programmable objects like Stores Procs, Functions, Triggers
    How to Refactor (replace query with view etc. spplit big query into small managemble)
    the SQL Objects to tune the application deisign


  2. Nirmal says:

    Hi Vinod
    I would like to see a session on
    BI and Data Warehousing


  3. Navaneeth says:

    Hi Vinod,

    I would like to see a session on SQL server internals like

    1 – Query processing
    2 – Query executions
    3 – Caching and execution plans

    And anything which speeks internal working of SQL server.


  4. Phani says:

    I would like to have the following topics

    1) VLDB
    2) Best practices Performance tuning
    3) Table partitioning and its role in application performance
    4) High Availability
    5) Security

  5. Deepa says:

    My interest is in following topics.

    Performance & Tuning

  6. vinodkumar says:

    Thanks for the comments. Is this ALL that you folks want? I thought there will be a biggg list of topics for this post :) … Keep those comments flowing people. Request you to pass the word and let your friends also vote their requests.

    Vinod Kumar

  7. Manod says:

    SQL Server vitualisation in production


  8. Kusuma says:

    Please provide the information on How to work on SQL.


  9. George says:

    Hi Vinod,
    I woudl like a session on Data Warehousing in SQL Server 2008.

  10. Simi Sreedharan says:


    I would like to have a session on SQL Performance and tuning. Also interested in BI.

    Simi Sreedharan

  11. Viking says:

    How about capacity planning – CPU, for a new application db running on SQL Server 2005?

  12. Hi Vinod,
    I want a session which explains all the new features came in BI and Sqlserver. That session should be from you not from others.They may not understood what a developer wants better than you.

    Sreedhar A

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