Silverlight 2 Release October 14th, 2008

Vinod Kumar

Though this looks like yet another mundane releases from MS, I see this to be really something interesting. Because there more to the much awaited release of SL2. Let me call-out some of them:

  • There are now platforms other than Microsoft that can be used to Develop SL based applications. This is the real true interoperability one could have asked for. So now folks can integrate advanced Silverlight applications from the Eclipse IDE. Check it out for yourself.
  • Next is the XAML Editor with instant preview – Cool Isnt it :). If that is not enough – Silverlight XAML vocabulary will be released under the Microsoft Permissive License, an OSI-approved license. This is the really cool because software vendors can now freely write in XAML for Silverlight to create their own controls and more.  
  • And we will still have the Visual Studio Web Developer 2008 Express Edition. And the tools to help with SL2 can be got here.

Catch the press release and blogs from Steve Sfartz (MS Architect Evangelist).

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