Nov VTD – SQL Track November 27th, 2008

Vinod Kumar

Sorry, folks have not been able to update specifically on the SQL Track that I was handling at the VTD. Actually, we had 2 full track around SQL Server – a Dev track and completely an ITPro Track. We will have the recordings on the site in about 10 days, but keep a tap on the site.

The Dev Track was interesting as we had various aspects and real experts doing the session :). We started with “Query Tuning with SQL Server”, this was quite generic but we had a lot of examples covering why this was important and how one can tune their code inside of SQL Server. Then we moved to an relatively less explored world of iFTS (Searching Techniques with SQL Server) and I personally loved this topic when I included it into the agenda. Then we moved to the next part of “VSTS DB Pro” where we explored and explained some of the DB Pro features and how it could be used. It was more from a SDLC side and how one can make a seamless integration with VS. We followed it with a “Panel Discussion: Performance Tuning” which I did a tango with Praveen (MS MVP & RD). It was a lot of fun explaining things that affect performance and both me and Praveen enjoyed every bit of the session. We just shared a lot of customer issues and how we mitigated them. The last session ofcouse was the ADO.NET session by another fellow MVP Niraj from Bangalore. Though a long and tough day filled with excitement I couldnt sleep a bit because I had the SQL Track for Admins on Day 3.

This was an interesting ITPro Track that we had for SQL Server. It was really jam packed with quality content to be delivered. I enjoyed a lot in this track because it was really deep technical and a lot of fun preparing the demos. We started with “Diaster recovery with SQL Server” which was in a way to get closer to some of the nuances around Log shipping, Mirroring, back strategies and how to prepare a DR document. Discussed some high-level topics and some guidances that will help Admins get started with DR. Then we had a complete session around “Backup and Restore with SQL Server” where we discussed the specifics around backup options, page level restores and other specifics. Then we moved and changed gears into the VLDB scenario which was how can one manage and work with Very Large Databases and what are the options one need to keep in mind when working with such 100’s of GB or even closer to a TB databases. I returned post that to do a back-to-back with “Data Recovery with SQL Server” and then “Database Snapshots Internals”. To tell you frankly, the Data Recovery was an interesting topic for me personally and I talked about various enhancements from CHECKDB, restore enhancements, how to recover from suspect or recovery pending state and so on … A lot of demo’s and a lot of interesting conversations we had in that session. Then I talked at length about the Database Snapshots feature which I have seen is a lesser used feature and more often than not even abused by some. Folks really dont get the concept clearly and just go about using them. This particular session was to demystify most of the myths and the caution one needs to take when using this feature.

As I did before, once I get a consolidated Q&A I will try to post some of the answers on our TechNet Blog too. I will drop a line on this blog once that gets available.

PS: If you would love to see certain sessions handled during our next VTD, please drop a line and I will try to accomodate them provided there is popularity amongst the public.

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