Innovation Days – Query Tuning Nov’08 December 25th, 2008

Vinod Kumar

After the recently concluded Innovation Days Roadshow a lot of them have pinged me asking me of the presentation etc. For the folks who attended and want to grab what I presented can pick it up from here.

Updated: On popular demand I am attaching the demo script that I used during the presentation.

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8 Responses to “Innovation Days – Query Tuning Nov’08”

  1. Shinto says:

    I have attended Query tuning session on 30th Jan. Got the file which you use for presentation from site, but one important page is missing in that.

    Query processing steps for aggregate and Non aggregate queries(Select). Could you please share the same.


    <Vinod> – Shinto, provided you understood that concept you are doing good. Some of the dicussions were internal in nature and ONLY people who attended the session have the advantage of knowing the concept :).

  2. Sangeetha says:

    The session was very useful and interactive. Thanks for the presentation posted in your blog.

  3. Arun kumar says:

    Hi Vinod,
    I am not able to get the presentation and the demo script from the links provided. Please see that this issue is solved.

  4. Vijaya Bharathi says:

    The session was very useful.
    Thank you

  5. ity says:

    very very useful , thanks for sharing
    visit me ar my new blog at

  6. ok says:

    Pdf is very useful

  7. Suhas says:

    please provide query examples you had demonstrated

  8. Arabinda says:

    Thanks Vinod for posting this presentation. It was really a very nice session and was very much usefull. Can you please post the examples that you used.

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