VTD is back in Feb and I am back too :) February 3rd, 2009

Vinod Kumar

Apologize for not being consistent on my posts in Jan. Just that I have been travelling like mad and doing sessions at various partner locations in Bangalore and Chennai. But that has come to an end and the next big thing starts – As you can see VTD is back and this time too we have TWO full tracks of SQL Server content. Loads of interesting and awesome content that you wished you could get your hands around. Register TODAY !!!

Next question is what – There is lovely SQL Server content and I can assure you it is very different. The Dev track has:

  • 7 Things I wish developers knew about SQL Server (Vinod Kumar)
  • MDX Unplugged (Nauzad Kapadia)
  • Applied Data Mining (Nauzad Kapadia)
  • Velocity – Redefining in-memory databases (Janakiram MSV and Siddharth Jagtiani)
  • Reporting Services – Perf Tuning and Best Practices (Jaishree Karira)

And the ITPro / Administration track has:

  • Policy-based Management Internals (Vinod Kumar)
  • From DTS to SSIS, redesign or upgrade (L Srividya)
  • Power of PowerShell with SQL Server 2008 (L Srividya)
  • SQLCMD – a scripting paradise (Vinod Kumar)

Obviously I am sure you can think these are slightly not of a regular sort of a topic that we are delivering with VTD. I am really happy that we are having some really niche topics here for dicussion.

TODO: If I were to ask you, if there are any topics that we have NOT discussed YET and you want ME to talk about them for you. Drop a comment. I will surely take those suggestions seriously for you.

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