Win7-Beta End-Of-Life !!! July 3rd, 2009

Vinod Kumar

Well, it is not that bad actually :). If you did install Windows 7 Beta version (Build 7000) then your system can be behaving strangely by reinstalling every couple of hours. This is an expected behaviour and DONOT ignore this. Please UPGRADE to Win7-RC (Buil-7100) immediately. You also enjoy the fun of working with Win7 on this build for the next one full year !!!

So, What is stopping you? Go do it … For your benifit follow the steps –

  1. Download Windows 7 RC from here
  2. Backup your data using Windows Easy Transfer/Windows Backup/simple (copy/paste)
  3. Reinstall  the OS. In place upgrade is not available
  4. Restore your data and reinstall the programs

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