IIS Media Services 3.0 is RTW October 20th, 2009

Vinod Kumar

IIS Media Services is a set of extensions for Internet Information Services 7 (IIS) that provide an integrated HTTP-based media delivery platform.  This includes the new IIS Live Smooth Streaming and the separate IIS Advanced Logging package.

Also with it is the release of Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit, which allows developers to easily create Smooth Streaming experiences using Silverlight.   Supported features include PlayReady, DVR controls, instant replay, slow motion, multiple camera angles, alternate audio tracks, content protection, ad integration, in-stream data feeds, and more … .  26 trial deployments are currently highlighted on the Smooth Streaming Showcase.

With this release, the key elements of the IIS media server platform now include:

You can download all of the IIS media server platform components, and the Smooth Streaming PDK, using the Web Platform Installer button on the IIS Media page.

See these blog posts to learn more about the key new features that are part of this release:

· IIS Live Smooth Streaming:  http://blogs.iis.net/jboch/archive/2009/10/09/rtw-of-live-smooth-streaming-is-now-live.aspx

· IIS Advanced Logging:  http://blogs.iis.net/vsood/archive/2009/10/12/iis-advanced-logging-1-0-released.aspx

· IIS Smooth Streaming Player Development Kit – Beta 1:  http://blogs.iis.net/vsood/archive/2009/10/09/iis-smooth-streaming-player-development-kit-1-0-beta-1-released.aspx

Happy streaming !!!

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