MDS Nov-CTP release November 27th, 2009

Vinod Kumar

Master Data Services (MDS) with Master Data Hub and Stewardship Portal

This is one of those much awaited features. If you are wondering its need, let me explain you the scenario. As organizations grow in size and complexity, their data becomes more distributed and difficult to manage.  Meanwhile, mergers, acquisitions and asymmetrical solution development compound the problem, resulting in IT organizations containing numerous independent and non-interoperable systems. Each of these systems uses key business entities (such as customer, product and vendor), yet they maintain this information independently. For instance, a call center application, billing application and marketing system may have different contact addresses for the same customer and they may utilize different hierarchies and semantics for financial rollups. This is exactly the space where MDS comes into picture.

Using MDS, customers can manage critical data assets by enabling proactive stewardship, enforcing data quality rules, defining workflows around data changes, notifying impacted parties, managing hierarchies, and sharing the authoritative source with all impacted systems.

History: In June 2007, Microsoft announced the acquisition of Stratature, a privately held company based in Alpharetta, Georgia, and a leading provider of master data management (MDM) software. This was the first step in Microsoft establishing a presence in the master data management space, and will accelerate Microsoft’s delivery of technology in the MDM market. Read this whitepaper which outlines The What, Why, and How of Master Data Management.

Note: Install is available as part of the Nov-CTP. Just search for the 1033_enu_lp folder and you will have the masterdataservices.msi inside the Setup Folder. MDS doesn’t get installed by default.

Have fun and do send me a note on your experiences …

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