Microsoft Protocols Documentation and Interoperability September 9th, 2010

Vinod Kumar

Microsoft publishes documentation for protocols in certain versions of Windows Client (including the .NET Framework), Windows Server, Office, SharePoint products and technologies, Exchange Server, and SQL Server that are used to communicate with other Microsoft software products. This includes documentation for Microsoft Communications Protocol Program (MCPP), the Work Group Server Protocol Program (WSPP), and the recently-launched Microsoft Interoperability Program (MIP). Protocol documentation is available to view and download from the MSDN web site.

I got into this topic because in the recent past there have been updates to the existing documentation.

  • SQL Server Protocol Documentation – September 3
  • Windows Protocol Documentation – August 31
  • Exchange Protocol Documentation – August 4

The website has all the details. In addition to the protocols, there are interesting resources in terms of interoperability on the Interoperability Bridges Center. The Center is dedicated to technical collaborative work to improve interoperability between Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies. In this site, you will find a live directory of freely downloadable technical Interoperability Bridges & Labs and related content such as demos, technical guidance and articles. The vast majority of the projects are Open Source. The Center is run by the Microsoft Interoperability Strategy Group working with the community at large.

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imageRecent update include OData Client for Objective C – this Enables Objective C developers targetting iOS (iPhone/iPad) and MacOS to interoperate through REST using the Open Data (OData) protocol specification.



These surely were something interesting to share … Enjoy and Have a great weekend !!!

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