PDC and SQL Azure Announcements November 1st, 2010

Vinod Kumar

Windows Azure DataMarket

Microsoft announced the launch of Windows Azure Marketplace at the PDC 2010. The Windows Azure Marketplace is an online marketplace to find, share, advertise, buy and sell building block components, premium data sets and finished applications. Windows Azure Marketplace includes an applications section and a data section called DataMarket, aka Microsoft Codename Dallas. DataMarket will include data, imagery, and real-time web services from leading commercial data providers and authoritative public data sources. Customers will have access to datasets such as demographic, environmental, financial, retail, weather and sports. Developers can leverage data as a service to embed this data into their applications through tools like Visual Studio and 3rd party SDKs. Information workers can use the data to perform analysis using tools like Excel, PowerPivot and 3rd party applications. DataMarket also includes visualizations and analytics to enable insight on top of data.

  • Windows Azure Marketplace is an all up marketplace brand and Dallas is now DataMarket section of Windows Azure Marketplace
  • DataMarket has been released to web with new user experience and expanded datasets from leading content providers
  • Excel Add-in for DataMarket is available for download here
  • PowerPivot refresh with DataMarket connectivity is available here
  • DataMarket is launching with 35+ content partners with content ranging from; demographic, geospatial, financial, retail, sports, weather, environmental and health care
  • Also announced some of our early adopter ISV/SI partners on DataMarket which include Accenture, SAS, Tableau, Dundas, Jackbe, Enroute, Sitecore, Pervasive, etc.

Links and Resources:

  • Explore available datasets on DataMarket here
  • Download Excel add-in for DataMarket
  • Download updated PowerPivot with DataMarket connectivity here

SQL Azure

At PDC 2010 MS are announcing a number of exciting new features related to SQL Azure which are designed to further build out our platform and reduce complexity in building and managing applications. Please refer to the PDC Brief to see how SQL Azure is positioned in terms of our overall information platform.

At PDC 2010 Microsoft announces:

  • SQL Azure Reporting CTP:  SQL Azure Reporting enables developers to enhance their applications by embedding cloud based reports on information stored in a SQL Azure database, thereby allowing the users of these applications to gain greater insight on their line of business data without having to worry about setting up machines or instances.  Developers can author reports using familiar SQL Server Reporting Services tools and then use these reports in their applications which may be on-premises or in the cloud.
  • SQL Azure Data Sync CTP 2:  At PDC we are also announcing an update to SQL Azure Data Sync to enable synchronization of entire databases or specific tables between on-premises SQL Server and SQL Azure,  giving customers greater flexibility in building solutions that span on-premises and the cloud. Customers can now synchronize SQL Azure databases across datacenters as well as with on-premises SQL Server.
  • Database manager for SQL Azure: As part of the Windows Azure platform developer portal refresh, we are announcing a new lightweight, web-based database management and querying capability for SQL Azure databases. This capability was formerly referred to as “Project Houston”, and allows customers to have a streamlined experience within the web browser without having to download any tools.

All these are exciting announcements and keep locked into the blogs as we will try to explore more on these technologies in the future.

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