Composite Service Application Guidance CTP1 November 7th, 2010

Vinod Kumar

The goal of this guidance developed by patterns& practices team is to provide best practices to implement the most common SOA Patterns and  Integration Patterns.

P&P Team published the first public community preview here, which contains reusable source code and samples to illustrate the following patterns and scenarios for enterprise customers:

  • Repair and Resubmit pattern – this pattern is implemented in ESB Toolkit 2.0 as part of Exception Management Framework (EMF). This code drop provides a code sample showing how to implement this pattern for Windows AppFabric workflow service, Exceptions Web Service and workflow activities to create fault message.  In addition, we included a sample Operations service to allow integrating ESB Management Portal from ESB Toolkit to browse fault messages and fault report metrics generated by applications that leverage Windows Server AppFabric.
  • Analytic Tracing – this code drop contains reusable code and samples for implementing ETW tracing, which includes event collector service and database to store collected events. This capability may be used for scenarios that need flexibility on how collected events are decoded and processed using extensibility points you can configure and/or implement as plugins and event decoders while leveraging ETW tracing capabilities provided by the event collector service.  
  • Inventory Centralization patterns – this code drop contains a service catalog database, web services, utility and samples to show how to implement service Metadata Centralization and Policy Centralization patterns. 
  • Service Governance patterns – this code drop contains reusable code and samples to illustrate how to define service business metrics and collect these metrics using analytic tracing and policy centralization capabilities.
  • Service Virtualization pattern – we included a sample for implementing this pattern using WCF routing service( which is part of .NET framework) and service metadata centralization capabilities to define routing service metadata in service catalog.

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