TechEd India 2011 Inputs December 3rd, 2010

Vinod Kumar

I am jumping the gun before the planning for TechEd India 2011 even starts. But nevertheless I wanted to start getting feedbacks from our loyal readers to if you have anything specific you want to include as part of TechEd India 2011 experience. conference-services

We have tried new things in the past two TechEd’s and have been successful in pulling them off in style. Now they have become a regular to what people expect from TechEd India. Some of them include:

  • TechEd Live Online Experience (Experts chat in this throughout the whole TechEd Event)
  • TechEd Demo Extravaganza … Almost all evenings we have got this for the past two years and have got great feedbacks.
  • Product Group Tents – Closed group interaction with the people who build the product.
  • Exclusive Management track for all (Best rated for the past two years)
  • Exclusive MVP track – the best minds from the industry own, drive and interact in this track all the days
  • InterOperability and Integration tracks were added for the first time
  • HOLs and Certification available through all the days on almost all topics

Also not included is the usual Breakout sessions and many more. Last year we executed close to 110+ sessions through the 3 days.

So as possible TechEd attendee for the 2011, I would like to get your feedbacks on what we could have done better or what you feel that we need to add as an experience so that you will never ever forget this year once again.

Please be realistic, as we wouldn’t want to stream the sessions as-is because it misses the adventure and thrill in attending a live-in-person event. So feel free to drop-in your comments and feedbacks and we will try to incorporate as much as possible.

Most importantly, pass the word (via twitter, FB etc) around so that we get the maximum voice from the Developer and ITPro Audience.

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5 Responses to “TechEd India 2011 Inputs”

  1. Balkrishna Heroor says:

    Ok then can we have Win internals, CLR Internals, CLR Hosting, Service Bus Internals, WCF Internals, best practices for WCF 4.0, I am sure we can go forward with SQL Internals as your are there… but going ahead we miss customizing SQL 2008 Performance Scenario wise…. most importantly i see many .net developers missing the connect between COM and .net since they have started using .Net directly. Very few know how Windows Data Exchange, OLE, ActiveX, MFC, COM and DCOM evolved… and thus nobody knows how .net works…. it would be an interseting session for many to take thru journey of Microsoft from Native C Windows Dynamic Data Exchange to .Net and to Cloud… You can make a session taking ppl from Assembly code -> Structured Programming Approach -> Object Orientation -> Component Orientation -> Service Orientation….. and can name it Brief History of [Microsoft] Time (big bang and further)

  2. vinodkumar says:

    Balkrishna – We value your feedbacks. The location decision is not somthing I have control on. I can surely look if there are feedbacks around the content, tracks experience. Will be more than happy to include them …

    As far as the timeframe is concerned, we havent even started on the discussion. So you will be the first person via the blog to know the dates when it is decided.

  3. Balkrishna Heroor says:

    Where are u going to conduct TechED 2011? … Please Conduct in Mumbai too. 2006 TechED had a good response then why it was not continued.

  4. vinodkumar says:

    Well, Ashishh TechEd is fundamentally for the working professional and content is sometimes very deep technical.

    Nevertheless, we will look at giving proper discounts for active MSPs via the Academia team.

    Thanks for the feedbacks, keep those coming our way !!! And do pass the word around.

  5. Ashishh Khadse says:

    Can MSP’s Atttend TechEd 2011 @ In Person :)

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