My Blog New home December 31st, 2010

Vinod Kumar

Welcome back to my new Blog space (Vinod Kumar)

WHY: If you are reading this post, you have surely landed into my new blog space. Yes, I did move away from my old location at SQLXML. Interestingly, the reasons were simple – I was the only person blogging on that space and I had to finally move away because even Bryant had moved away from that space to his very own domain.

With so much happening on the blog space, there is another change in the work I will be doing inside Microsoft from mid-Jan 2011. More about that in the next 15-20 days when things become clear and concrete. I thought with so many changes around, this change will also be a good thing to initiate.

WHERE: Least assured, you can be confident that I will find more time to blog, share and be active on this blog space. My domain of ExtremeExperts has been around for quite sometime and in some forms has been my Identity also since 2003. So I thought of going ahead with a sub-domain for my blogs. Makes it easy for my readers to remember just one Identity to reach me.reverse-migration

WHEN: Yes, there will changes on the blog from skins, plug-ins, format etc in the coming weeks as I get going with the tweaking process before I lock on something. I surely request your kind patience while the mayhem happens on my blog.

There are still some old linking on few posts which I plan to somehow change slowly but surely as and when I get hold of them. So keep sending those broken links to me and I will update them …

Yes, I am on WP hosting now guess quite a lot of you have also used the same. So are there interesting plugins I need to take a look at? Please feel free to recommend and give pointers. Will want to try and lock on things as fast as possible.

TODO: Please update all your bookmarks to point to this new location. Also update all your RSS / Atom feeds to this new location.

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6 Responses to “My Blog New home”

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  2. I second Pinal, we’ll follow you :D

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  4. Ashok says:

    Always enjoy your posts irrespective of the location. Keep it going Vinod !

    Happy New Year :)

  5. Vinod Kumar says:

    Thanks Pinal !!!

    Awesome to see the friends move to the location first :) …

  6. Pinal Dave says:


    Where ever you go, we will follow you!

    We are fans – true dedicated fans!

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