Evangelist to MTC–Technology Specialist January 17th, 2011

Vinod Kumar

Stairs_viewSo here it is, as mentioned earlier during the start of year about my Blogs new home, at work I do get a new home too – MTC (Microsoft Technology Center). Today is my first day in this new home and am excited as always Smile. Just like how I joined Evangelism as my second home, this new home is also not my unknown territory. I have been assisting and doing tons of interesting MTC work for the last couple of years and now it just got official !!!

More about MTC and what we do at MTC is on the website and I will refrain from rehashing the words out here. I will still be based out of the Bangalore location, so not much of a change that way and MTC is just at this one location for whole of India.

direccionWhy now? Let me say candidly one thing – “Once an Evangelist, always an Evangelist”. So there is nothing to complain as I do Evangelism and I just love this job – infact it still remains as my dream job. I have done this for ~4.5 years inside MS and more than 3+ years outside of MS (unofficially) – so I have nothing to complain about. I just enjoy being in front of people and these feeling don’t change overnight. Best thing about being an Evangelist at MS is you surely can – stand up and stand tall if you do things right.

So don’t think I am out of sight, I will be out there every once in a while sharing what I have learnt and what I am learning day-in-day-out. So this bond will stay forever. MTC is a place which will test me and give interesting challenges which I feel will be a very good stab for me to take. Solving real tough customer problems will be something that is going to push me and I am looking forward for those challenges. For eg, I remember working with customers out here at MTC with 8+ TB of current data – so you can imagine the challenges. BTW this is also Evangelism, if you read my Part I.

Will be at this TechEd India 2011 (March 23-25th) on SQL Server tracks. So don’t forget to tune in. The website is up and if you are around, drop-in to say a “hi”.

It’s important to maintain a balance between going where you want to go, and being happy as you go there. Fortunately for me, this was made real easy as a lot of things I wish to do can still happen no matter where I am. Even for readers, remind yourself of this little tip – this will surely show you the doors to where you land and how you can keep yourself happy.

What am I going to do?

Well, it is a tough thing to answer – the list outlined here is not exhaustive. Predominantly, meet lots and lots of customers and solve their problems. I do plan on activities which involve:

  1. Performance Tuning exercises for interesting, large tough customers
  2. Architecture Design Sessions
  3. Strategy Briefing to Decision makers and CxO audiences

Tough my focus and experiences around SQL Server will be used heavily for most of these activities, I do have plans to work and expand my expertise wider to Application Platform, SharePoint, Office Products and moving to Cloud – Azure. Yes, you heard it right – who cant run away from this. Buzz of the industry and hope I can help customers make the right choices while moving to the Cloud.

What I am still committed:

When new starts happen, reset on your activities also happen. But one thing I am personally committed is to have this lovely friends of my community still connected. So my appearances at the Bangalore .NET Usergroup and Bangalore SQL Usergroup will be regular as in the past. And I will continue to do the same with other UGs whenever I get to your part of the world. So don’t forget, if you wish for guest appearances, I will surely try to make that happen.

My Facebook, twitter and blog work don’t stop and these will still continue to have parts of what I am – nothing changes. Each time when I go through these transformations, I do make changes to my style of work and these are conscious decisions. Till now I did refrain from sharing, but there are exceptions and I thought I will share a portion of my thoughts here in this blog post.

Mindset changes:

Special Thanks: Last year I did a complete make-over of my home and I am super excited about the final output. Yes, it did get overboard on the estimated financials but you learn certain things in life when you travel the path all by yourself. And for the herculean task I did, I need to attribute its success to my dad and wife. They were of great support and help as I did so many changes all over the place.

So here are things I don’t want to categorize as new-year resolutions but want to do these consciously henceforth – period.

Personally: Enjoy little pleasures of life – From Food, sunsets, water my plants, read good book, listen to favorite music, long drives with family (did one to Chennai recently) and many more. You could probably make a big list of these right now, things you enjoy that you could find every day even as you drive to office. I want to keep these simple, enjoyable and memorable. Time can go by extremely quickly. Before you know it, your life has passed you by. So instead of dwelling in the past or thinking about the future, practice being in here and now – Be present, its your present.

Officially: Zero inbox and clean desk – This might take a little while to do at first, but once you’ve emptied your inbox and cleared off your desk, it doesn’t take long to keep them clear from then on. I have tried to practice this for most part of my work life, but no one is perfect. It’s a simple rewarding habit that I get great pleasure from. Makes one feel really in control of ones own life – esp when you see zero mails waiting for attention. I recommend you give it a try too.

There are many more, but those are for some other day. Most importantly, I wanted to share the goodness around and thanks a ton for reading this far Smile. Thanks again !!!

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13 Responses to “Evangelist to MTC–Technology Specialist”

  1. Rohit Paliwal says:

    Hey Vinod Many Congrats….. Very well written blog… see to be honest the first time I saw you was in MS Virtual Tech days in 2007 when you were explaining the functionalities of SQL Server 2008, I attended almost all the sessions there, I was a just a fresher guy that time and still learning, I truly appreciate your and the other senior ppl like Pinal, Satya.. who in spite of their busy time schedule keeps on posting blogs & keep on writing articles.. I’m still a learner and you guys are my role model and want to follow the foot steps of all the sql gurus who has contributed to the online community so much that saying thanks will be too less as a appreciation.

    Congrats once again…
    All the best….

  2. Vinod,

    Congratulations again on your new role and exciting challenges ahead. Knowing you, I am confident that the community will continue to receive the benefit of your learnings in your new role at the MTC.



  3. Anil Mahadev says:

    Hi Vinod,

    Many Congrats.

    May this new position take to you even greater heights and make you even higher positions both personally and professionally!

    Kind Regards

    Anil – aka DB2Hitman :)

  4. Ramdas says:

    Hi Vinod,
    Excellent writeup on what an technology evangelist does and what is the driving force behind such a person. You were spot on when you mentioned enjoy the little pleasures of life.
    Thank you

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  6. Vinod Kumar says:

    Thanks Ramesh.

    Glad to hear from your Dhananjay. It is honor and pleasure that I was of some help in your blogs starting. I think you need to have personal commitment and motivation to push oneself to share – and you have done it yourself. So kudoos to you.

  7. A many congatulation to you … I was just a college passout and usual software engineer in a service based compnay … I heard you speaking first time in Trivandrum. you asked to audeince “any one BLOGS here” .. few among audeince raised their hand .. I was surprised that what is Blogging ? some how I got inspiration that day listening you and Rama and I strated blogging … almost 3 year has gone.. Today I am anjoying blogging… Thanks for your inspiration …. :):) and congrats for new role also :)

  8. Vinod Kumar says:

    Thanks Pinal. Your kind words are flattering :). Hope I still live up to the huge expectations.

    Thanks Vijay !!! MTC in MS is different from other places where MTC’s are. But the intent and challenges are never different.

    Ayyappan – Lokking forward to meeting you at TechEd :)

    Thanks Balkrishna for dropping a note.

  9. Balkrishna Heroor says:

    Congrats… All The Best!!

  10. Ayyappan says:

    Congratulation Vinod. All the best for your new position. Will try to catch you in TechEd :)

  11. Vijay says:

    Congrats for MTC. I was part of MTC in Infosys. MTC is definitely a cool place to be, with lots of learning.

  12. Pinal Dave says:


    Let me be the first one to say Congratulation!

    You have taken Evangelist role to new heights and you have been the best.

    Because of you – many have aspiration of the being SQL Server Professional. Many people blog because of you blog (count me in for this one). You have touched and changed life of many of us.

    There is no doubt that you will excel in your new role – however I will say you were evangelist before you joined MS, and will remain as one even this is not your official title.

    We will always look upon you when we run out of inspiration.

    There will be always Vinod which we can count on.

    Kind Regards,

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