SQL Server 2012 : SSMS Tips February 28th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

I generally have a tendency to try and explore what the tools have to offer when we work with them. Recently working with SQL Server 2012 Management Studio, I found some nifty little gems hidden and thought will be worth sharing. There is 20 mins of tips and tricks we managed to share with our course here. Feel free to nudge us if you would like to see the same.

Update: Read SSMS Tips Part II

Block Selection


The interesting tip is around, SSMS now has the ability to make block text selection.

1. Start SQL Server 2012 Management Studio.

2. Connect to a SQL Server instance and open a Query window.

3. Type several lines of text like “Select query can work in block”

4. Left click and hold + CTRL + ALT + Drag to select text. The text can be copied and pasted into a desired location.

Nice little tip to share.

Moving Status bar and color

Changing the color has been there for a while and I have used it before too. But the nice tip around moving the Status bar to the top beats me today with SQL Server 2012 :).


You will now see multiple options to change status bar location, status bar color, contents of the status bar and contents of the tabs. This allows you to customize what is important to you as the DBA when connecting to SQL Server. Try changing the color of the status bar, location of the status bar and contents of both the status bar and tab. The changes will take effect the next time you open a query window.

Loop through the Tabs

When you have multiple tabs or query windows available, how will you loop through the same? This is very simple.

  1. Use CTRL + TAB and this brings the navigator and you can move between windows.
  2. Another nice feature is to use CTRL + F6 to move between windows.


I hope these are some nice tricks to use. Feel free to share some of your yours. This is just the start to many more to come.

Update: Read SSMS Tips Part II

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  2. Antonio says:

    I don’t have access by now to any 2005 or 2008, but SSMS 2008R2 have all this.

  3. Nilesh says:

    I think first tip “Block Selection” is supported by most of the MS products like Office, Studio and SSMS. It’s been there in earlier versions too. But I liked CTRL + F6. Great post! Thanks!

  4. Pinal Dave says:

    Excellent Blog post!

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