#TechEdIn 2012: Vinodk_SQL Recap March 30th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

With exactly one week gone past, I am yet to recover from the mega event TechEd India 2012. Same time last week, we were partying after a successful event and the very thought we pulled it off yet another year is so refreshing. My TechEd journey started in the Year 2003 and there has been no turning back since then. The fact remains, the way TechEd is run has changed quite a bit and the content selection process is also more stringent when compared to what we had 8 years back. Just the availability of the resources on the internet makes speakers run for the money. Personally, it is close to 2+ months for nailing the session content – not to forget the reviews, rehearsals and more.

These are my perspectives – For me Microsoft TechEd is such a premier event and privilege that I want to give my best and prepare something nice and interesting that is so difficult to get via any search engines. Doing so, we add value to the event and in the process learn a lot. This year has been no different and I think people who attended my session will vouch for the same.

SQL Server Misconceptions and Resolutions

Pinal Dave has been pushing me hard every year to have this kind of session and I have resisted personally. Any two-speaker session requires tons of preparation and that has to land perfectly. The content for this session went to-and-fro for close to 20 days between us. We add a demo and scrap it immediately. We had to balance out simple concepts with compelling demo’s to our Misconceptions sessions. I think it landed well finally. We still await the final verdict (via feedbacks) from the audience but were confident we pulled this off with all the preparations behind us.

I will not try to rehash the content here. But Dhananjay Kumar did a live blogging of this session here. That gives you a quick list of what we discussed.

Peeling SQL Server like an Onion: Internals Demystified

Personally, this was the toughest session for me to prepare – trust me. I wrote a teaser on what to expect from the session before. As the name suggests it is tough to talk about the internals (as theory) with almost no demo’s around the concepts. The audiences were surely in for a surprise and the hall started to fill in from 10:30AM while the keynote was still going on – and the session scheduled for 11:15. I talked about Advanced Disk formats, SQL Server 2012 Security changes, Memory changes, Indirect CheckPoint and more.

Again the community notes were awesome, atleast it is saving me time to write all of them :). Sahal did a great job on his blog in summary.

Again, I look forward for some serious feedbacks if you want these kinda session in the future TechEd’s too? Or you don’t want these internals session and more practical sessions? Based on your shout I will plan accordingly for next year. Each and every vote count :).

Tools to manage, troubleshoot and diagnose your Windows systems

This was an unconventional session for me. I generally have a tendency to play around with OS, Office, IIS, Azure and other tools and learn some of the fundamentals. So in this session my task was simple – show people how you can use SysInternals tools and learn Windows better. From usage of Memory, x86 architecture, x64, WOW mode, Page faults, Virtual Memory mapping, OOM scenario, Perf Tool, PAL tool, Logman and more. About 10 mins into the talk, realized the session had so much of theory that it is better to showcase the same via tools rather than talk in an abstract manner. This was my first time at TechEd to talk on a topic other than SQL Server.

If you have feedbacks to give me on this very session, I will be more than happy to get them. I would love to bring more of these maybe for next year too. Keep those comments flowing.

Apart from these, there were couple of other sessions in which I had my participation. But that was under the Architect Track. Will write on it separately some other time. The full roster of sessions we had in that track is available on my previous blog post.

There is also an event on April 7th in Bangalore which the Bangalore .NET Usergroup and the Bangalore ITPro Usergroup are hosting where I will talk two of the above sessions. Here is the Facebook page which you can use to come to the event.

If you did attend any of my sessions at TechEd, please take a moment to comment on your feedbacks.

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5 Responses to “#TechEdIn 2012: Vinodk_SQL Recap”

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  2. Great ,

    It was really a great session. Awesome camaraderie on stage in between you and Pinal sir. jam packed hall. I seldom see ambience like that session.. There was energy everywhere.

    Thanks for that a great session !!!


  3. manasdash says:

    I really enjoyed all the session. Being a developer/support resource I try to learn every aspect from your teachings and day by day I am gaining a lot. Thank you so much for all the session and in future I am not going to miss any of them for sure. Specially I am trying to learn the art of presentation and public speaking from you. “Connect to audience” is your key I know, if I am not wrong.

  4. Pinal Dave says:


    Our session was very satisfactory personally. I liked it and I am honored that you were with me on stage. It was like Drona (vinod) presenting with Elkavya (pinal).

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