Time Management–no fuss April 2nd, 2012

Vinod Kumar

The topic of time management is something I have talked a number of times over this blog. So we are not going to spend time rehashing the same. But I still was so motivated to write this blog because I thought of picking some of the tips and traits that everyone out there does and will be a great learning opportunity for me to share.

An effective time management revolves around understanding and implementing the right principles of personal management. As avid readers, workers, employers, parent, spouse, explorer etc – do we really understand the fundamental difference between being busy VS being productive?


I am a big fan of writing English quotes, but this time I couldn’t resist myself from sharing this Kabir’s Dhohe which I learnt when I was a kid at school. And this applies to our lives even today and so relevant too. Translating the above verse:

Tomorrows work do today, today’s work now
If the moment is lost, the work be done how?

Apply the 80/20 rule

This is a commonly used phenomenon, 20% of the tasks that you do bring 80% of the business. Hence it is imperative to go attack this in this way. So keep constantly asking – am I doing the right thing at work NOW? Will it affect the 80% of business we do? How productive am I.

Plan Ahead

Plan your day, week and if possible a roadmap on the month. I completely agree this is not possible 20% of the time (read the rule above :)). So given all variations in life, it is quite possible to plan, prepare and organize atleast 80% of the time you have at work. I understand a lot of you will say – “Well change is the ONLY constant and this is the very reason not to do too much on planning in this chaotic organization”

I hear you loud and clear – but remember if you don’t plan, you are forced to work in an adhoc way without any plan. So you choose it – hence don’t complain.

If this needs to be done NOW, there is no better time than to start NOW.

Make a note

I am a big believer of this. Generally I have a note that has a set of bullets that needs to be done. It is very easy to get sidelined by getting into too many chaotic work that eats away 80% of your time. Organize, plan and execute (rule #2 above).

Stop procrastination and eliminate one at a time. The sculpture is made by chipping the rock not by any explosion.

How to handle interruptions

Well, let me take a step back to solicit some feedbacks. So how do you handle interruptions. Drop me a line over comments. How do you differ or delegate the interruptions that come at work. I think there is loads to learn from each other.

Please share your experiences and thanks for reading this far !!!

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10 Responses to “Time Management–no fuss”

  1. Handling interruptions is something that I still need to work on. I believe that if someone has come to me asking for help, it is my duty to hear them and help them out. Yet, during an already busy day, interruptions something make me “edgy” and irritable.

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  3. Sandip Pani says:

    Like it.
    Sometimes I plan but fail to execute.
    Would be helpful if you to write something on how to effectively execute our plan?

  4. Sandeep says:

    “Let me get my head around the same and write it as time permits.” Example of handling interruptions ;)

  5. Phani says:

    Agreed Vinod. Can you also please share your thoughts on how to make things happen when things are not moving. How to change your plans in such moments? That would be really helpful.

  6. Pinal Dave says:

    I think you can come up with entire blog post on this subject: How to handle interruptions

    Great read!

  7. Vishal Pawar says:

    Yes sir , Trully aggree , It really difficult now a days to move along with time . interruptions can be handdled only by making our mind more foucsed and stable towords our aims will be key .

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