Management behaviors I consider taboo July 19th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

It’s fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure. – Bill Gates

In the corporate world we meet a number of people, each with different traits. We have already discussed about Managers VS Leaders, in this blog I wanted to call out my 5 traits I feel are management behaviors that needs to be avoided inside an organizations. I know you will want to add atleast another half dozen more to this list and please keep them coming over the comments.

1. Avoiding Feedback

Feedbacks have a negative mindshare for employees and many times in the minds of managers too. It is this that makes employees be without feedbacks and subsequently without praise or raise :). Trust is always built if true and timely constructive feedbacks are given and I find this critical missing in many.

2. Respect and know your people

Organizations have loads of talent in the form of people. It is these people that propel the organizations forward. There is no excuse for not knowing your people and knowing the individuality and strengths of each. The last thing management need to think is to look at people and run like a factory !!!

3. Avoiding Conflicts

As much as it is about people, workplace conflicts are unavoidable and the management must be geared to face it, recognize it and most importantly solve it. Keeping this away will make the teams performance come down.

4. Short term thinking

Not all decisions have to be long term, but being myopic in all the decisions will be a big downfall. Short term decisions can help reduce expenses but what will suffer in quality, morale of employees. These trade-offs need to be thought through and weighed properly.

5. Missing Humility

Any manager looking at employees as a means to move up in their ladder are going to miss the trust of their employees. Once in this state, there is no way amazing things can be achieved as a team. A selfish behavior will place a lid on performance and the possibility of meaningful work goes down the drain.

These are some traits that come on top of my mind. What do you think are traits that are a taboo? Some more that come to my mind are Cynicism, unnecessary meetings, not recognizing employee ideas etc.

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9 Responses to “Management behaviors I consider taboo”

  1. Pinal Dave says:

    Very interesting read Vinod. Indeed excellent. Every single post of yours are enlighting people.

  2. Ritesh Shah says:


    Again you come up with wonderful article.

    I think “not giving proper credit to individual for the work done him/her in front of higher level management” is one of the traits I consider taboo.

    Yes, unnecessary meetings is also one of them. if things can be conveyed easily by email or call, there shouldn’t be unnecessary meetings.

    policy of “divide and rule” will ultimately creates suspicious environment among employees. :)

  3. Sahal says:

    Thank you sir for the sharing.
    Humility is seen missing in many same as short term thinking, effective management should have a long term thinking always even behind their short term decisions i guess.

  4. Nilesh says:

    It’s a good post and a nice topic!

    The traits you mentioned are present in the company where I am working and also it could be found in no of small and mid-sized companies. Unfortunately management can not see these things and even if they see, they ignore it and reason could be that they think they’ll hire someone else if few of the employees are leaving the company.

    I think the traits you mentioned are byprodcut of Command and Conquer(Hit and Run) Management as defined by Joel Spolsky here:

    And if management is clear about their vision, they can avoid these traits. Hope to see another post on this and similar topics.

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

    • Vinod Kumar says:

      Nilesh – Yes, you are correct. These are very common in the industry and at certain level it becomes subconscious for the management. Once this happens, the employees are the people who take the brunt of the consequences. I hope some of these change in the future.

      Thanks for dropping a line !!!

  5. Excellent post. I will keep in mind while future would give such opportunities. Thanks a lot Vinod Sir!!!

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