Picture Post: Ego and Work August 11th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

A picture is worth a thousand words

I have had this concept in my mind for a long time and thought to give it a try. I am a big fan of various visualization techniques used by many of my mentors like Sanjay Vyas (Concept Visualization), Ranganathan S From SymIndia (Various Graph Representations) and many more. I was thinking about writing a proper post on this topic of Ego and how it affects work but took this easy route. I was specifically asked on this question by someone at the recent Bangalore DevCon Meet where I was talking about Leadership.

Over a period of time, I will start adding more “Picture Posts” that come to my mind. As a start, let me say – “One Look Is Worth A Thousand Words” :)

Your feedbacks and comments are welcome !!! And do feel free to pass your perspectives on this.

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9 Responses to “Picture Post: Ego and Work”

  1. Good one Vinod!
    I think similar thing follows for Being Approachable and Being humble vs Ability to Get Work Done (ofcourse in any case, there are other additional skills required to get the things done like ability to Delegate, Mentor etc.).

  2. […] continuation to the Picture Post concept I wrote last week (Ego and Work), here is a visual take on the concept of how success is perceived. In reality, there is no silver […]

  3. Vishal Pawar says:

    Really True ! We should tack print out and Display in our work Envirment !! This is simple yet hard to digest for everyone !

  4. Nilesh says:

    A picture is worth a thousand words.

    Ego and Work Correlation:
    Either people do understand but neglect it, or do not know about it. Either way they shoot themselves in the foot.

    Thanks for this wonderful post. :)

    • Vinod Kumar says:

      Any form of Ego has an counter productive or negative effect on the person. Ability to work, ability to concentrate, ability to articulate, ability to be positive towards solution – all are possible “x-axis” here. Hence it hits the person harder than they think.

      Thanks for your comments Nilesh.

  5. Nice Post. History of humankind says that the most effective people were ego less. Here one thing I would like to add…X-Axis shows -“Ability to get constructive work done”. Even Hitler or Ravan done a huge work with heights of ego…but that was not ultimately destructive only.

    • Vinod Kumar says:

      Praveen – I was looking at this from the Corporate / Enterprises of today. Even your point is valid, not that the corporates are always doing constructive work :) … Hehehe … Thanks for your comments.

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