Picture Post: Defining Data Scientist October 10th, 2012

Vinod Kumar

Wanted to take a stab at a technical concept and see if this makes sense. Sometime back I wrote about Big Data – Big Hype yet Big Opportunity and one title kept on fascinating me – “Data Scientist”. I have no problem when it comes to Data but the word Scientist is what makes it exciting. The true definition on Wikipedia and other locations are so complex and filled with jargons. So here it goes !!!

Many times it is not the complexity of the problem but the simplicity of the explanation that makes the concepts interesting. Though “Data Scientist” is a kewl and hyped title – looking back we all have done Analytics in the past, we all have done Data massaging via ETL, we have done data visualizations in the past, we have done trend analysis … So in reality I see this as an old wine in a new bottle. All of us are Data Scientists in some way, but we are not statisticians in anyway :).

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