Excel Tip: Table’s Row-Column Shortcuts July 30th, 2013

Vinod Kumar

I work with tons of tables inside Excel and sometimes there are requirements to do some simple but repetitive activities on a table that I have always wanted to automate. These tasks include inserting a row, inserting a column, deleting a row, deleting a column, hiding a column or row etc. So this blog post will be all about these simple tasks. Our dataset looks like one below.

Inserting a Row and Column

This is one of the easiest shortcut to remember.

To insert a row at current location: ALT + I + R (like (I)nsert + (R)ow)

To insert a column at current location: ALT + I + C (like (I)nsert + (C)olumn)

Our excel will show an output like below.

Deleting a Row or Column

If adding was this easy. Now we might want to delete rows ad columns too right? There are two mode for me. Here is the lengthy route. If you press ALT+ E + D, you will get the following dialog.

Now, using the dialog box can be easy. We can still use some of the hotkeys on the dialog. Check the row and column. So the lengthy route to:

Delete row: Alt + E + D + R + Enter

Delete column: Alt + E + D + C + Enter

I have already calling this as lengthy approach. So there must be something simpler right. You guessed it correct. Use the below shortcuts.

Delete row: Shift + Spacebar + Ctrl + –

Delete column: Ctrl + Spacebar + –

That seems to be slightly lesser keystrokes right? Found it interesting? Let us move to the next shortcut.

Hiding Row or Column

What we want to achieve is to hide column D and Row 12.

So here are the shortcuts for the same.

Hide a Row: CRTL + 0

Hide a Column: CTRL + 9

The last part of this tips would be, to unhide the row or column – select the rows and right click to Unhide. Do you know of a shortcut to unhide columns or rows? Drop a line and let us learn from each other. Hope you enjoyed this tip today.

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6 Responses to “Excel Tip: Table’s Row-Column Shortcuts”

  1. avinash reddy says:

    thanks a lot sir one more valuable tip done by you very interesting this is superb am very glad to learn these type of tips

  2. Jonathan Maes says:

    Thank you for these. They are terrific!

    To unhide rows, use CTRL-SHIFT – 9 to unhide columns CTRL-SHIFT 0.
    If you have Windows 7 or vista you will need to change Keyboard Layout settings. This site has a good article on it.


  3. Beena Sharma says:

    I always read your blog….but y’day I heard your voice for the first time….as I am a student on Pluralsight website and as you know I’m learning SQL Server….I was watching SQL server Q’s and A’s last night on Pluralsight web site…..watched few of it, while watching it being on my bed and being so tired from last weekend, I went to sleep half way down the session. I’m going to watch the rest today. Pinal Dave is too good…you both seems like Jai and Veeru…can’t make out who is Jaiand Veeru as you both are Extreme Experts in your areas.

    Your way of explaining things is very Succinct and simple.

    I’m following most if your blogs.


  4. Beena Sharma says:

    Thanks Vinod…it’s a learning of the day(morning) for me. Very simple and clearly explained. There are so much to learn in Excel which most of us don’t know these exist atall. We need extreme experts like you, who can carry us along and teach the hidden treasures of Excel.

    Thanks for your efforts to share this with us. I always like people who share their knowledge with others/students.

    Very Well Done!


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