Taking a Screenshot of your Windows Phone 8 January 7th, 2014

Vinod Kumar

What can I say about Windows Phone 8 experience – I just love it :). Every now and then I get amazed by some neat new features which surprise me and I have a whole load to explore from this phone. You might also want to see my older post on some of the cool features that I use – Windows Phone 8 features I love using.

This blog post is a simple feature that I discovered on Windows Phone 8 that was worth sharing. How many times you are playing a game or you found a neat thing on your Windows Phone that you wished you can take a screen shot of it and use? So here is the neat tip. You can use “Windows Button” + “Power button” at the same time to take a screen shot of your current screen. It might take a few attempts, but once you get used to this, it is amazingly simple.

Below is a screenshot taken of my phone. You can see it is amazingly clear and in great resolution. I love this feature find.

PS: This tip doesn’t work on older versions of 7 / 7.5 or 7.8.

If you have other tips that you want me to share via my blog, do let me know. It is always refreshing to learn and share.

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  1. Vinod ,

    I guess you have HTC 8X , here’s another tip/trick specially for HTC 8X Windows Phone.

    Dial ##3424# – This service code will open up an HTC Function Test Application :)

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