Windows Phone – Tips and Tricks January 10th, 2014

Vinod Kumar

This post is inspired from my previous post where folks requested for many more to be shared esp (Senthil Kumar – MVP Client App). Thanks for pushing me to write this post nonetheless :). In this post let me write about 3 tips that I have found useful when working with my Windows Phone. Feel free to give send me your favorites too.

Calculator Tip

This is an interesting one. When the calculator is in the portrait mode it looks like a normal simple calculator (as in left image) and when it is flipped into landscape mode (as in above image), it turns into advanced scientific calculator. Neat but powerful productivity feature I found.

Mailing Tip

This is something I use frequently when mailing using my Windows Phone. A lot of times I need to set Priority and/or the “bcc” capability. These are nicely hidden in the more (…) button at the bottom of the screen when you are mailing. So am not sure how many know about this, just thought of sharing what I use frequently.

Find inside a Webpage

I travel quite a bit and I get a chance to use my phone for quick browsing. Even of a decently large screen, some of the web pages are long even after having a responsive UI design for mobile. So there is this capability just like above tip the more button (…) at the bottom of the screen which has the “Find on page” capability. This bring a similar search experience of IE when on desktops. Once you search it highlights the search term on the page in Yellow highlight. Handy, quick and simple.

I am hopeful you will find some of these tips useful and do let me know if you want me to cover more of them in the future. Thanks for reading this far.

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    These tips are highly useful. Thanks a lot!

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