Winners always Win – Why? January 13th, 2014

Vinod Kumar

Winning is a human instinct, we all want to be winners. We all want to succeed. We all try to do so many things and in the process fall short of reaching our dreams. Why is this the reason? Why do we feel some people always win in their life? I personally feel it is a state of mind, it is how we think about success or winning, depends on how we focus on activities in hand. I love to appreciate life as it comes and living life in each moment as it arrives. It is sometimes not what a lot agree, but this is something I love to use as mantra. Let me take a shot on what winners are made up off and these are some thoughts:

  1. Winners don’t quit, it is not about failing once. Winners have the energy to get up and find ways to chase the dreams.
  2. Winners are curious and want to understand what they don’t understand.
  3. Winners earn their respect, they don’t seek to get it.
  4. Winners live in the today with their experience from past.
  5. Winners love the journey to finish line. They enjoy the complete process, not about just crossing the line.
  6. Winners face their fears and solve them.
  7. Winners look for solution to problems around them.
  8. Winners love constructive criticism, they don’t run away from feedbacks.
  9. Winners are not trying to boil the ocean, they love each small triumphs.
  10. Winners just don’t talk but communicate their dreams through their actions.
  11. Winners want to make a difference in whatever they do.
  12. Winners know to look beyond imperfections, break the mold and move on.
  13. Winners define their success, it is not defined by others.
  14. Winners are learners for a lifetime.
  15. Winners believe in themselves, they love to workhard to find themselves in a lucky spot to go the extra mile.

So this was my small shot at this topic. Do let me know if you have the winner inside you kicking? What is running in your mind – let me know.

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8 Responses to “Winners always Win – Why?”

  1. Beena says:

    You need a killer instinct to win something. A fire from inside should push your whole body and mind to step forward and not rest until you win it. It’s a point where you should feel you’ve wasted enough of your life just in thinking, it’s time to take serious action leaving everything on the side. You should be act like Arjun who is just seeing and aiming to hit the target, nothing comes in between. You can’t win alone, you need your dears ones help to win your dream. Don’t forget to say thank you to those who helped you to achieve your dreams, when you were struggling!

  2. Wow again inspired bu your article .awesome sir great .


  3. Selva says:


  4. Ranjan Pandey says:

    sir, you are awesome ! i really appriciate your work and exprience

  5. Winners are also very clear about what they would lose. They are focused and in turn consciously quite many things. Winners always quite many options but one.

  6. Diwakar Sinha says:

    Nice article. I do follow some points but will try to follow all.

  7. Sriram Mallela says:

    Perfectly right statements.

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