Self-Reflection – Q&A Style January 22nd, 2014

Vinod Kumar

My past does not define me, it has enabled me to learn and grow into what I want to be tomorrow.

Many a times we get a chance to listen to advice from others whenever we get into a tight situation. This has worked for many and we are in constant quest to find answers and solutions to our problems. It is difficult to keep mind out of clutter and we exercise caution as it is our instinctive nature to protect. Walking life’s path is just like driving on Indian roads, it is filled with potholes and speed breakers. It takes a seasoned genuinely driver to make the ride comfortable and lesser bumpy. It is how we navigate past these hurdles and how we make the presence of a pothole less jerky for passengers sitting inside. The concepts I am alluding is around how we tackle, handle and make the impacts less painful. It is tough and this journey needs a lot of introspection from one and all. So let me throw some basic questions at you and let us collectively answer our own-self to these questions. You are more than welcome to tag this post with your answers (on your blog) if you plan to do it.

If you want more, you have to require more from yourself – Dr Phil

Self-Reflection 101

  1. How would you define yourself?
  2. In one word, how would you describe your personality?
  3. How would you define your your life’s motto?
  4. Do you have something that everyone adores?
  5. What do you think is not in your life today?
  6. What has been bothering you lately or what is keep your thoughts busy lately?
  7. How would you define Happiness? What is between you and happiness?
  8. Is the child inside you still alive? What is the child asking for?
  9. What are you scared of? Has the fear stopping you from doing something?
  10. What will you never give up on?
  11. what is the best / worst decision you have ever made till date?
  12. What and Who is the biggest motivator in your life right now?
  13. What should never be taken seriously according to you?
  14. What fascinates you and give you energy on the very thought?
  15. What will you never do in your life? And what is that thing you said will never do, but have been doing it since then?
  16. Did you discover anything new about yourself?
  17. What worries you most about the future? And looking back, what have you been missing the most?
  18. What is the common misconception folks have about understanding you?
  19. What are the beliefs that you hold which people disagree?
  20. What are the qualities you look for in your friend?
  21. What can bring an instant smile on your face now?
  22. In exactly an one year from now, how would you be different?
  23. Why / On what do you have a hard time saying “no” to?
  24. When does your inner voice say to move on on something?
  25. If you could live your life once again, what would you want to do one more time?
  26. As you become 60-years-old, what will matter to you the most?

Changing our bad habits starts with becoming aware of aspects of ourselves that we could improve on.

These are basic questions in my humble opinion and many cross my mind as I think about life and beyond. Do let me know how of these questions resonated with you? How many more would you add to this list?

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5 Responses to “Self-Reflection – Q&A Style”

  1. Beena says:

    Whatever life gives and takes to and from you…try to be content, no matter how hard event it was and then see you’ll never be unhappy. Try to face the issues and share your happiness and issues with others, you’ll never be left alone. You’ll enjoy every moment of your life. My thoughts were different when I was in my twenties(wanted to keep everything with me and be on the top) but as you grow mature, life teaches you the true principles of happy and healthy life( I want to share everything now and let things go, if its out of my reach). I’m living a real happiness, it might be because I’ve achieved everything I dreamt of when I was young and I’m very content now.

  2. sudhir says:

    Vinod, in the write-up, did you mean to use the word alluding or eluding?

  3. An excellent post. Thought provoking.

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