Traits Children teach us daily January 28th, 2014

Vinod Kumar

Parenting is such a wonderful feeling. I seldom talk about personal conversations over this blog but this time I was tempted in writing about this very topic as it is close to my heart these days :). Watching kids live their openly instinctive life, I am tempted to learn so much from them. Kids are a bundle of energy, they are super excited about everything around them, eager to learn and curious about everything in front of them. There are tons of life lessons we can learn from kid’s behavior, we just sometimes fail to recognize. Kids attitude is about leading a healthy, lively, happy and productive life. Kids have a different way to handle themselves when compared to adults. So let me put some of the thoughts here. Think like a kid, enjoy even when you are an adult.

Top 15 traits to watch

  1. Don’t plan a lot, live life spontaneously as it comes.
  2. Kids have a lot of fun in everything they do.
  3. Kids are eager to explore and test the waters they are not sure. If they fail, they dust off and take another stab till they succeed.
  4. Kids mind are a open blank book wanting to explore and enjoy everything the world has to offer.
  5. Mistakes are a great way to learn as experiences and a process of growth. Tell a kid not to touch a lit candle, its curiosity will force it in doing. Once they get hurt , they never touch after that. Experience is what we get when we don’t get what we wanted.
  6. Obstacles are always there, knowing to get around it is the key. There is nothing that can stop a kid from doing what it wants to get done.
  7. Being creative in your imagination. A kid can play with just a twig for hours together just with their imagination.
  8. Kids are instinctively learning from people around them. As we grow we miss this unique learning opportunity of observing others.
  9. Kids are constantly questioning their understanding with – What? How? Why? Who? Whom? etc. This is their inquisitiveness part to aid learning.
  10. Kids don’t hide anything and are honest to the core. They say as they see as the moments happen.
  11. Kids are explorers, they may ask for guidance but have their own way to do it themselves.
  12. Kids don’t wear a mask to their feelings. Their face reflects their current mood all time. As adults we always hide / conceal our expressions to be diplomatic.
  13. Start each day with full zeal and enthusiasm. Kids don’t snug away from exploring the wonderful day in front of them.
  14. Kids value the time with their friends and the relationship. They are always on their friends side and have no track of time and love to hang out with their friend forever.
  15. Kids are super optimistic and see possibilities in everything they do. As adults we need to think as – “what would you do if you knew you will never fail”?

I am sure you would have learnt many more from your kids. The life lessons our kids teach us are priceless, let us learn and make a better life. Let me know your thoughts too.

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2 Responses to “Traits Children teach us daily”

  1. Diwakar Sinha says:

    Excellent article..

  2. Beena says:

    Try to live a carefree life like kids, you’ll feel a true happiness each day and will live a pure life. It’s our mindset that tells, as you are an adult, you need to behave as an adult, but honest speaking you just need to act as an adult in few places(i.e office) but in rest of the places we can behave like a kid. No body is stopping us to live like a kid, I behave sensibly where I’ve to but most of the time I’m childish and live the life like my kids live their life…learn, play, fun…you name it. I feel happy every single day that I’m living the life the way I want to live, I don’t care what other says because I feel what I do gives me a real happiness. Don’t let your inner child die. You’ve one life…live the way you want to live, no matter it’s a childish behaviour. YEH ZINDAGI NA MILEGI DUBARA!

    Very well written Vinod!

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