6 life lessons my daughter taught me March 13th, 2014

Vinod Kumar

Becoming a parent has its own fun times and sometimes filled with surprises. Even after a tired sleepless exhausted night, the morning just brightens up when I see my daughter give me a big wide smile and I just get rejuvenated. No complaints after that and I am all energetic to face the day chores. This parenthood experience is for sure teaching me life lessons every single day as I point out over my FB every other day. One of the comments from a friend was to document my lessons and the learning’s in my own words over blog. So here is the first shot of my ~6 months experience that my daughter has taught me about life. This is just the beginning and I am sure the lessons will keep coming almost every 6 months or 1 year with new dimensions added.

I am just penning down what hit me first and how I want to reinvent myself with this parenthood experience:

1. Take your day as it comes

This was the first comment I made over FB, the days, hours, minutes and seconds are not under our control. My couple of weeks of paternal vacation was completely adhoc, unplanned and not under my control. You take the minute as it comes and there is no set flow. After couple of days, it was to accept defeat and move on – period !!!

2. Enjoy with what you have

This is a life lesson that hit me hard. It is the fundamental difference between need and want. We might want a thousand things in life but we need just a few of them to lead a happy prosperous life. My daughters happiness seems to come from simple daily objects that she plays with. Nothing whimsical or fancy requirements – I just seem to love this attitude.

3. Can I do it my way

Well, with your kid you really know. You may try as hard as you can but she wants to do it her own way. You cannot talk to them, teach them etc but kids have their own way to explore and want to learn in that process. They are unbiased in their approach in exploring life in their own terms.

PS: This is true to the point we spoil them with our selfish materialistic motives :) … Following video is just for some fun !!!

4. Can I have it

This is a no brainer to all. It is in continuation to the previous point and simple by all means. If they want to sleep (no matter what time of the day) – they need to get it. So it is with food, playing, taking them for a walk – you name it, most of the times they get it their way.

5. Unconditional Love

I am so curious to see the way my daughter befriends with anyone in a matter of 5 minutes. She is all smiles and is actively engaged in talking. The bonding is without any judgments or prejudice or age or gender etc. Sometimes it a great learning to take people at their face value rather than their looks, occupation, gender or anything else. We need to de-clutter our minds sometimes.

6. Full of curiosity

I think this is second nature to all kids. The need to become a child when it comes to new things that is thrown at us. Sometimes we are locked down with our baggage and become blind to things that happen around us / industry. This is something I want to seriously change within myself as I learn it the nice way from my daughter.

This is the initial dump of what I wanted to share as learning. Kids are fun and their inquisitiveness sometimes can stump any adult. The thought process is simple, unassuming, eager and most importantly they are looking for answers one way or the other. There is lots as adults we can learn from them as much as we try to teach them. Do let me know if you have got this Aaahaa moments like me.

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  1. Anubhav says:


    Nice summary. I echo your thoughts. I wish adults learnt to unlearn a few things to live a more satisfying life.

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