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Needs job, moves to India … April 15th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

As U.S. jobs move abroad, more Americans are willing to work overseas says an article on Money.CNN staff writer

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MVP Summit Snaps Uploaded April 15th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

Have uploaded some of the snaps I took with the fellow MVP’s at the Global Summit. Catch then here. I still know I missed many :( … But there will be another chance for sure.

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Executive Day – MVP Summit April 15th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

This day was special. We had Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive Officer; Jim Allchin, group vice president of the Platforms Group; Eric Rudder, senior vice president of Servers and Tools; Lori Moore, corporate vice president of Product Support Services (PSS); and Rich Kaplan, corporate vice president of the Content Development and Delivery Group (CDDG).

Steve was really impressive … He has loads of energy revolving around him. The talk was also filled with fun and info but all under NDA :(. But from the press release version here are some of the quotes …

From the MS Statement Sheet:

“The MVPs are incredibly important to Microsoft and the software community as a whole. Their contributions extend far and wide, from helping and inspiring software users to providing invaluable feedback to Microsoft that we use to make better products.”

Eric Rudder, Senior Vice President, Microsoft Servers and Tools

“The MVPs play a key role in the technology user community, and their passion for helping others is inspirational. As MVPs demonstrate their expertise in the communities, they inspire customers around the world on a daily basis to gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the software products they use every day. As always, they continue to amaze me, day in and day out.”

Lori Moore, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Product Support Services

“By listening, sharing and responding to the MVP community, we are doing our part to strengthen the software ecosystem for our customers while enriching the broader Microsoft product and community experience worldwide.”

Rich Kaplan, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Content Development and Delivery Group (CDDG)

“Whether posting in public newsgroups or providing feedback in a technology beta program, MVPs add value throughout the product life cycle and play an important role in helping us make product decisions about Microsoft technologies to help enrich the customer experience.”

Sean O’Driscoll, Director, Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, (MVP) Award Program

Some other information are:

Getting sneak preview of the next Office :,1995,1543319,00.asp

I do admit. But some coool neat features in coming up with the next version … I love the interfaces … Neat job MS :) …

I might not be in a position to write other Yukon and Whidbey stuffs but surely will keep those info rolling as and when I can :) …

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Sun’s Blog Aggregation Effort April 15th, 2004

Vinod Kumar

Sun is now back with thier employee weblog aggregation site after watching the MS technical blogging world.

Via Sudhakar Sadasivuni …

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