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MSDN @ Hyderabad April 23rd, 2004

Vinod Kumar

I am back after a MSDN Session on “.NET Interop with a pinch on Performance, Best Practices and Pitfalls”. Have to say it was a nice session. A bit on how P/Invoke works. I’ve been in the VB world from day 1 and have wondered how we can calll Win32 API’s. Thanks to .NET it is a bit simple than before. Nevertheless there is some amount of readup to do. But I enjoyed it.

Had to also get my hands dirty on using Ja.NET. Interesting tool. Interoperating with Java and .NET is fun I believe. How many of us require such integration is the next question I’ve in my mind. Would love to hear from you all on the same. Some interesting links I found on the MSDN is:

Just thought to share some of the useful contents I referred to during this presentation. You can also look into the PDC 2003 site for a presentation by Adam Nathan and Sonja.

and the presentation can be downloaded from

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